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  1. MINAMOTO NO YORIMITSU CUTS AT THE EARTH SPIDERToasted sandalwood, tobacco flower, teakwood, castoreum accord, bourbon vanilla, and patchouli. Holy cow , I'm writing the first review for something So , this is smoky . Not overly so , but it is pretty noticeable . I am next picking out the teak and the bourbon vanilla . The tobacco flower is there , but doing a fine job of hiding behind the more powerful notes . Now , as far as the " beaver butt " goes I do get another note here , but I can't really say it's leathery . Not to my nose at least . Maybe it is , but I'm getting so much more of the bourbon & teak / sandalwood that I'm just not getting that kind of vibe from it . It's a sharper scent then I would have expected . Not sure that I'd call it leaning toward either sex either .
  2. GeorgeJr


    Ok , I could make this short & sweet . I think this is my new favorite BPAL ever . Seriously , I could bathe in this . It's just amazing & just how I want to smell . All the notes are perfectly balanced & all I really want to type while smelling it is mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm . It just smells that good .
  3. GeorgeJr


    Something about this scent is very green to me . Not sure what it is , but it's sweet as well . As far as smoky scents , this is not up there with other , smokier blends I love ( Devil's Night & others ) . It's mildly smoky at best . Dammit , what is that green I'm getting ? It's not the tea , I think . Though I suppose it could be . In all honesty , this isn't what I would envision Evil as smelling like . But then again , my idea of Evil no one would probably wear It's quite sweet for one thing , maybe the better to lure in the unsuspecting ? It is quite dark as well . I'm not getting the musk as strongly as others seem to be . Gotta love different body chemistry's . I am getting the tobacco underneath other stronger notes . Over all I'd give this a 3.5 out of 5 . Not bad by any means , just not great for my personal use .
  4. GeorgeJr


    Man , this really is reminiscent of my try out of The Caterpillar . Very smoky & full of incense , but flowery as well . Oddly I don't seem to be getting either the sandalwood or the benzoin here . I've had allergies lately so that may be not helping me . This is nice , but I don't think I'd go out of my way to buy it ( this was a frimp ) . I prefer the aforementioned many legged , hookah smoking bug to this . this is just a little too sweet smelling for my liking . Would probably enjoy sniffing it on a lady though . Letting it settle in good and proper on my arm & yeah , too much rose & nyrrh for me . Sorry .
  5. GeorgeJr

    The Devil

    I am so glad I took a shot at this , won on EBay from the Lab . As a fan of musk , after reading the other reviews , I figured it would be a pretty safe bidding item . Little did I expect to like it as much as I do . So , yes , there is a musk here . And a dark variety at that . But , it is balanced out by other notes . There is a lightness to this . It's almost like pine but it is neither as sweet or as green as that . Not sweet smelling , at least not sweet in comparison to some of the other musky blends I own . It is just a tiny bit sweet , like the sweetness of the smell of freshly cut grass . Or hay . Not like baked goods . This is just a really lovely blend . Now I'm curious about what else I missed in the Tarot . Guess I'll just have to keep my eyes peeled for the next auction
  6. GeorgeJr

    Mme. Moriarty, Misfortune Teller (2006)

    First new review I've done in a while . In the bottle this is very dark , sweet , slightly fruity & spicy . Fresh on my arm it's more of the same , but spread out nicely . No one note really beating me over the head , which is a very good thing . Mmmm , love the red musk & vanilla combo . Just works so good together . The pomegranate & plum are in the background , keeping things nicely balanced . And I swear the patchouli leaf doesn't smell so much like patch as much as it does a very green leaf of some kind . Maybe tomato . So yeah , this is some kind of wonderful . More feminine to me , but might work for the right guy . It's fairly strong , so a little goes a long way . As it's drying I'm getting more darkness in the notes . Just f'n fantastic .
  7. GeorgeJr


    Ya know , I didn't care much for this when I first got the frimp of it years ago . I'm seriously not a fan of dragon's blood . However , at this time , the patchouli & smoke in this are blending wonderfully with the other notes . Making things so that no one note is dominating . And man does this really blend well now . Still could do with a hint less DB , but I can live with my frimp until it's gone quite easily .
  8. GeorgeJr

    Lord Ruthven

    Wow , I don't get aftershave or cologne from this at all . I do get soap , sadly . With just a bit of spice of some kind underneath . But over all , this one is pretty disappointing for me . About half way through the day it get to a point where it wasn't so much soap , and the spice was quite nice at that time . But the it faded out all together . I don't get blood or leather from this at all either . Oh well .
  9. GeorgeJr

    What scents are masculine? Gender-neutral?

    Villain . Do it , don't even think about it . Thank me later .
  10. GeorgeJr


    My bottle just arrived last night , & it was seriously cold , so I'm not sure how settled down it is . What I'm getting from this more then anything is the labdanum , the rum & maybe a little of the wood . Other then those , I'm not really getting any of the other notes . Which is a bummer , cause I love musk . And vetiver . So I'm hoping that with age / not being affected by extreme temperatures this will settle down & more of the notes will come out & play .
  11. GeorgeJr

    Love's Torments

    I wish I could say this one blends evenly on my skin , but all I usually get from this is the neroli . Which is a bummer cause I love the other two notes . This one is more miss than hit for me , sadly .
  12. GeorgeJr

    What scents are masculine? Gender-neutral?

    I am fully recommending picking up a bottle of Panther Moon if you can . It's just getting amazing as it ages already .
  13. GeorgeJr

    Cloister Graveyard in the Snow

    I know that there are no woods listed in this scent . Then why am I so picturing a walk in the woods through a good snow ? This one has the classic BPAL " snow " note to it . Very much so . The musks are not the hit you over the head kind . This is a very clean , cool scent . Very nice on this cool winter day .
  14. GeorgeJr


    This is easily the spiciest BPAL I've ever encountered . It was also a frimp in the first order I ever made . I have to be in a certain mood to wear this . I like it a lot , but I think it can be too much on certain occasions . It's lightly boozy , almost honey like in it's sweetness . But after the initial application , the spices come out to play big time . Before you put it on , try sniffing it in the bottle . If you can't handle it there , you probably won't like it much on your skin . It does smell tea like , but not so much like chai to me . The spices , yes they are chai like . But there's more going on here then just the spices . I do get a little of the wood that others have mentioned , but only a tiny bit . The wood is something of a base note , there but not really a major player . It's more booze & spices up front . Do NOT slather , a little will go a long way !
  15. GeorgeJr

    Worm Moon 2008

    Don't get the fruit so much , but do get earth & some floral for sure . This one stays with me pretty good throughout the day , but is not crazy strong wafting . Not a bad scent , but not in my favorites . Nice to have on those days I'm feeling like parading my oddness to others
  16. GeorgeJr


    Nice snakey . Don't bite the guy wearing ya pleeze . So yeah , broke out my bottle today for the first time in a long time . Let's just say this bottle is aging veerry nicely . The woods & bamboo mix so well with the snake oil . Maybe even better then my favorite snake , Death Adder . Don't get the musk so much , but I'm sure it's there somewhere . This isn't a heavy wood scent , like maybe red wood . It is a little hard to describe without just saying it smells like teak or bamboo . It's a bit of a rich scent , but not in a heavy , overpowering way . It also ( for me ) really helps out the snake oil , which for me some times gives me the play dough thang . Not in this one though .
  17. GeorgeJr


    Very green , in a citrus kind of way . Quite tropical as well . While not a favorite as of now , it is very nice for hot sticky days , just as a shoggoth should be
  18. GeorgeJr


    I really love the way Severin smells ... in the bottle . But man , my skin eats this like a starving hippy at a pizza parlor every time I try to wear it . It's a shame too , cause it just smells so good in bottle . The kind of tea scent I've always wanted from the lab with just a little leather hiding in there . I'm sad it's discontinued , but at least I have a couple of bottles to hang onto & keep trying . Maybe if I ever find a scent pendant I like enough it'll work out for me .
  19. GeorgeJr

    The Great He-Goat

    I can not believe that I never reviewed this . This is one of the first bottles I bought for myself after my initial order . Got it at Shell's shop & fell in love with it immediately ( really miss that shop ) . This is sooo dark that I don't think words suffice . Love patch , love musk & love vetiver , so those 3 things alone make this total win for me . I honestly never knew that carnation was in here , now I feel silly not never picking it up before . The addition of amber & ginger just add to the love I feel for this . THIS is what I always wanted a personal ( for me dammit ) scent to smell like . Something that "feels" like I do at times . Dark & maybe dangerous if provoked enough . But also a scent that carries something I never feel about myself , sexiness . Cause for me , this is one seriously sexy scent .
  20. GeorgeJr


    Held on December 5th, this is the festival of the Horned God of the Forest, one of the di indigetes of Rome, god of cattle, fertility, wild, untamed nature, and prophecy through dreams. The scent of a thick, starlit, unspoiled forest, with a burst of wild musk, opobalsamum, black bryony, mandragora, and hemlock. Had this on yesterday & the day before ( was really digging it ) . That is pretty rare for me , I usually change up every day . So you have some idea how I feel about it already (yes, it'll be a positive review). My GF thought it had something in common with The Great He-Goat . Me , not so much . I guess she's getting more of the musk than I did & that's where she's coming from . For me this is all about spicy goodness with the musk & forest notes playing beneath ( & coming out to play as well at times ) . It's just a wonderfully balanced blend , quite sexy as well .
  21. GeorgeJr


    Among the newer scents , I go with The Black Rider ( out of the 3 riders ) I enjoy all 3 , but the other 2 are more diffused by their other notes then The Black is . He is more dark ( duh ) , bold & just plain stronger in his leathery-ness .
  22. GeorgeJr


    ... A dark, palpably sacred chthonic blend: black narcissus and cypress, stephanotis, opoponax, labdanum, onycha and ambergris. This is much ... I want to say lighter , but that's not right . It's not as dark as I expected it to be . There is a floral note in it , but I want to say it's the labdanum that brings this out of the dark & into the light . It's quite nice . Not something I'd want to wear a lot , but definitely one I'll break out from time to time . The longer I wear it , the sweeter it gets to me . Maybe it's just a case of me recognizing the labdanum in it . I do still get the dark notes in the blend , but that sweet , root beer-yness in it is making me snicker to myself .
  23. GeorgeJr


    Ok , I get the Vicks with my initial sniff too . However it doesn't last long at all . It melts into a pool of dirt & greenness . I barely get the rose , which is a good thing considering my history with it . But I do smell it there , hiding behind & bolstering somewhat the green notes in this . And dirt too , but not the fresh turned earth I got from Graveyard Dirt . More of a moldering , not necessarily healthy kind of dirt . Maybe from the side of a stagnant pond in the middle of some swampy forest . Very interesting , but I feel my bottle will last me a long time . It'll be one of those scents I go to when I'm in the mood for something totally different .
  24. GeorgeJr

    Schwarzer Mond

    This is the 2008 version . Very lovely . Quite dark , both in scent & color . Spicy & sweet , but not in a bakery kind of way . I agree with others saying this is boozy . It does have a slight nuttiness floating around in the background as well . It's cool & windy here today , made me feel like Fall . Thought this would go well with the weather & it does . So , this is quite nice , if not really going into my top 10 . Very wearable . Could be unisex but I feel it may be a little more feminine . Just the way my nose interprets the sweetness I think . I think I prefer the musk to be slightly heavier in my blends . Later ... I tell the GF my opinion on the scents "manliness" . She basically disagrees with me , saying it smells really good on me as well . So , what do I know ? Not much , I guess
  25. GeorgeJr

    The Rat Speakers

    This just came in the mail today , so this will be a rare ( for me ) review as soon as I got it kind of thing . My initial impression is that it smells much darker in the bottle then on skin . The lemongrass & sandalwood lighten the scent up nicely upon application . Dryer - Lemongrass has settled down & this is very much a " brown " kind of scent . But man , does it smell good . Just a fantastic mix of sage , sandalwood with a touch of patchouli hanging in the background . Patchouli may be listed first , but if it's the main note it's pretty subdued . I get the wood more then anything here . Maybe the fig & sage are keeping the patch under wraps ? Either way I really enjoy this .