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  1. Sudha Segara, Red Moon, and Three Witches are my current sexalicious faves. Mr. Man loves me in Three Witches (it's the clove and cinnamon that gets him), but I've gotten many compliments on Red Moon, and I personally feel like Miss Fabulous in Sudha Segara.
  2. Shimmershadow

    The Red Queen

    Very nutty-sweet in the bottle, like freshly roasted peanuts. On the skin, it dries down to the described woody-cherry smell. Very cedar-smelling, like a well-aged linen press. Odd as it may sound, might make a good gentlemen's fragrance..?
  3. Shimmershadow

    The Unicorn

    I'm suprised I didn't like this more than I do, based on the description. I was hoping for a fresher-smelling blend, but both in the bottle and on my skin, this one is very fruity, unfortunately, and very sweet. The drydown leaves me with a slightly brighter, more sparkly scent, but not enough green or floral to cover up the cherry-strawberry to my taste. I wanted to like it...I wanted to like it so bad...
  4. Shimmershadow


    Wow. This is incredibly strong-smelling, bitter and harsh. Made me gag a little just opening the bottle. This has a ferociously plasticky, chemical smell, wich mellows only marginally on my wrist into a deep frankincensy incense. Makes me sneeze, and while not as harsh as it was in the bottle, is still not particularly attractive to my nose. Could be particularly useful in chaos magic, but as a personal perfume, it doesn't quite strike me as something I'd enjoy wearing.
  5. Shimmershadow

    Sugar Cookie

    On opening the cap, I swear this smells like Egg Nog to me. Must be the nutmeg and cinnamon tripping my scent memory. On second whiff (and I made sure to take a nice deep breath), I get the cookie smell. And how! Totally reminds me of the cookies my mom used to make for the neighborhood cookie exchange. On my skin, it smells even more cookie-like and more like buttery cinnamon. Whoa cinnamon. Whoa loads of red-hots! Like I just rubbed my face in a box of cinnamon Altoids, without the pain. I like it, but it's still a bit foody for me.
  6. Shimmershadow

    Egg Nog

    Delicious, rummy creamy goodness! I don't know what I could possibly add to the other reviews except to add one more voice to the "dead-on" cheer. It smells so delicous in the bottle, and on my skin it just gets more nutmeggy and rummy, but is still smoothed out by the cream scent. It's tangy, it's soft, it'll get you into trouble at the office holiday party. What more could you want?
  7. Shimmershadow


    In the Bottle: Something almondy. I don't like almonds. On me: Still almondy! All almonds!! I don't like almonds!! Although it smells less bad on me that I would have thought...I still don't like almonds!! And so... I don't like almonds!!!
  8. Shimmershadow


    In the bottle: SPICY CHERRIES!! WHOA!! On me: More cherry, less spicy. Dries down into a more licorice scent, smells kinda weirdly plasticky. And so... Foody scents, even something as reasonably innoccuous as licorice and cherry, just don't excite me. I was hoping this might be more Japanese-incense-y, but nope...licorice. *sigh*.
  9. Shimmershadow


    In the bottle: Lavender? Why am I smelling lavender? On me: Still lavender, but sweeter now...like flowers gone to rot, when you stick them in the potpourri jar while still damp. Drying, a sort of resin-y note comes out...frankincense, which NEVER smells good on me (maybe it just doesn't smell good to my nose...) And so... Not a favorite, really. Not bad, but doesn't really do anything for me. I really don't like the frankincense, and this goes way too frankincensy on me.
  10. Shimmershadow

    Sacred Whore of Babylon

    In the bottle: Mmm! Sweet, floral...very yummy, very bright and shiny. On me: Rosy, flowery, but not cloying. I feel like I'm wearing a spring garden! Do NOT wear this if you don't like/cannot wear florals. Personally, I like this as much as I thought I might. It's so pretty, so girlie, and while I'm not normally crazy about girlie scents, this one is just irresistable. Light, sweet, fresh-smelling, very very pretty. And so: Like it very, very much! Actually was my first 5ml, and it's already on the 10ml list.
  11. Shimmershadow


    In the bottle: Very patchouli. And roses, FRESH roses. This is promising, as these are two scents that never fail to work at least to some degree with me... On me: Holy patchouli, Batman. Dries down to a scrummy rosey scent though...this is definitely an offering scent. The rose sweetens out and de-hippies the patchouli. Very, very strong though, as with most patchouli scents on me. Patchouli seems to strengthen on my skin, screaming out, "HEY! COME SMELL ME, I HAVEN'T SHOWERED IN TWO DAYS AND I'M COVERING IT UP!!" But this I like. And so... Mmmm nummers. This is going on at least the 5ml list for sure.
  12. Shimmershadow


    In the bottle: Sneakily sweet, decaying rose and a saltiness that I can't place. On me: More floral, the roses definitely start coming out on my skin. Less masculine than I'd expected it to be, but also more perfume-y. Has a bit of an outdoorsy smell to it, like being in a garden lined with cypress trees. Goes from being lighter and outdoorsy on my skin to being more close, evoking a darkened parlor-turned-viewing room. Starts smelling wridly citrusy after a while. And so... I like it, it agrees with me, but it just doesn't send me. Not high on my priority list, but it's okay.
  13. Shimmershadow

    Danse Macabre

    In the bottle: Musky, tart, very masculine. I get a sniff of burned tire for some reason. Some kind of pine in there, too. On me: Softens up slightly, but only slightly. Still that burned pine smell, but now a more incensy note comes through. Smells a bit chemical to my nose. And so... Not crazy about it, although I am keeping it in mind to use as a sort of mood-setter room scent for when I'm feeling particularly mad scientist.
  14. Shimmershadow

    Titus Andronicus

    Bottle Sniff: Sweeter than I'd expected it to be, even slightly more feminine. Keep picturing Anthony Hopkins in Julie Taymor's "Titus", and keep coming up short. Smells a squeedle bit soapy to me (which may be the neroli), but after a few minutes the bergamot comes out, and I can start picturing the Roman countryside. Wrist Sniff: Evolves into something a bit more lush, but still softer than I'd expected. Still oddly soapy for my taste; but it reminds me a little of my dad. No, the more I leave it on, the more i don't like it. Dries into something smelling vaguely of nailpolish remover. My skin is not liking this. I smell like a clean floor. Damn you, body chemistry! You used to like EVERY perfume! And so: Can't do it. Might get an imp for dad to see if he likes it, but this is one I'm definitely having to pass on.
  15. Shimmershadow

    Bon Vivant

    Bottle Sniff: Whoo! Sweet!! Very sugary-berry. Makes me suddenly crave a bowl of Strawberry Fields cereal, as a matter of fact. Wrist Sniff: (Ten minutes later, crunch crunch crunch...) My skin is not loving this. It smells kindof chemically on me. The berry is still there, but it's gone smoky and incensy; there's a kind of dirty musk underneath it. The sweetness has faded (thank Goddess) into something more sinister. It's the American Psycho of BPAL. All sweetnes and flash on the first go, but progressively primal the deeper you go. Occasionally crisper notes hit my nose, giving a tease of freshness. And so: I kind of like it, but it's not high on my list. Something I'd really have to be in the mood to wear, but I could defintely see it evolving into a...fun...evening.