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  1. iheartbooks


    I have to agree with the reviewer before me; this scent really does mellow out over time. At first all I could smelly was very strong honeysuckle, but it's quieted down and I think I can smell a bit of the skin. It reminds me faintly of sunscreen and of walking by a row of honeysuckles on a warm summer day. It goes a bit soapy but I think I'll keep it... it reminds me of visiting my grandma's house by the beach, for some reason.
  2. iheartbooks


    At first, Cordelia was very, very cedary. All I was getting was the cedar with some lemon and a very small bit of lilac. Now that it's dried, I'm mainly smelling a musky lilac and that is all. I like the lilac stage much more than the cedar! I don't think I'll keep the imp, though, since the lilac is turning a bit soapy.
  3. iheartbooks


    When I first smelled it in the imp, it smelled like cherry cough syrup to me. (!?) Okay then.... After applying, I read the notes list and saw that it had apple and tropical fruits in it and I think I can smell the apple now. It's too heavy of a scent for me. I think I can smell the banana and coconut, but it's just not something I would normally wear. Now that I think about it, I think the sugar cane is what killed it. For me, sugar seems to overpower most other notes and leaves a scent too syrupy sweet. After drydown, the sugaryness has disappeared and it's a musky apple tropical scent, and the throw is moderate to light.
  4. iheartbooks

    Snow White

    Several months ago I bought an imp lot off eBay so I'd have lots of scents to try, and Snow White was in the lot. I don't know what year the decant was, but I think it was 2007). When I first tried it, I didn't care for it too much because I thought it had a bit of a coconut smell. (I don't care for coconut.) But I tried it again several days later, and asked my mom what she thought of it, and she couldn't smell coconut at all. After trying it out acouple more times, I was hooked. I can see why people hoard Snow White! It's a nice comforting flowery wintery scent. It has great staying power too! Occasionally it goes weird on me; sometimes it smells slightly like pencil shavings, and other times it smells fruity. But it is by far my most favorite scent... I bought a 2007 bottle off eBay and I think that it will tide me over until Snow White is (hopefully) released again in October 2008. I'm planning on buying 3 or 4 bottles!
  5. iheartbooks


    I also get mint when wet, and possibly a bit of lotus. It dries to light powdery mint and it's practically non-existant within an hour. It's interesting, because I tried both Undertow and Twenty-One tonight and both have juniper in them. I couldn't smell the juniper at all in Undertow, but it's super strong for me in Twenty-One.
  6. iheartbooks


    I can't recall ever having a straight martini so I don't know how true Twenty-One is to the drink. On me, Twenty-One is VERY junipery and piney. I don't really get any booze from it, though occasionally it smells almost a bit too sweet. Sometimes it almost smells fizzy! I'll have to ask some friends if I smell like I've been drinking alcohol. I'll definitely be keeping the imp because Twenty-One is very unique, but I don't think I'd wear it enough to warrant buying a bottle. I agree with glass_cat, it's worth trying for the novelty value alone.
  7. iheartbooks

    Drink Me

    I tested Drink Me on the back of my hand and... I want to eat my hand. Seriously. I didn't KNOW that scents could smell this realistic. My nose is telling me that my hand is a buttery cherry tart, and I really don't normally like cherries, but this smells SO GOOD that I have to keep myself from licking my hand. I didn't think I liked foody scents. I guess I was wrong! If I hadn't been frimped Drink Me I'd have never tried it. Thanks, Lab!
  8. iheartbooks

    Hexennacht (2008)

    I love Hexennacht! In the bottle it smells like pine. On me, it changes... sometimes it reminds me of Christmas, and of curling up in front of the fireplace with a book. Other times, it's the smell of a bonfire in the mountains - lots of smoke with the occasional waft of pine. Hexennacht has such a strong smokey note that after sniffing my arm deeply, I expect my clothes and my hair to smell like smoke as well! It's very realistic. I'm really tempted to get another bottle... I keep going back and forth on if I should. As much as I love this scent, I don't think I'll wear it very often. (I work in an office and I can't see myself wearing it there... to me it's more of an weekend/outdoor or a reading at home scent.) I will definitely treasure the bottle I have; I'm so glad that I got it!
  9. iheartbooks


    At first I get very strong, very sweet bubblegum, and it gradually becomes a cherry lollipop with bubblegum in the center. I don't think I'll be keeping the imp because I don't care much for cherry candy. Jailbait is very unique and if you like foody, sugary scents then this is definitely for you!
  10. iheartbooks

    Midnight on the Midway (2006)

    In the imp it smells like very sweet flowers, but once it hits my skin it's sugary grape. I don't want to smell like a sugary grape. I put some on the shirt I'm wearing and I'm still getting a bit of grape, though it's not nearly as strong.
  11. iheartbooks


    I really wish that I had a boyfriend so I could give him my imp of Dee. It would smell wonderful on a guy... on me, it's men's cologne. I like how it smells, but I would rather smell it on my SO than on myself, since it's far too masculine on me.
  12. iheartbooks

    Poisoned Apple

    In the imp, Poisoned Apple smells very apple-y. Dry, it smells like apple cider that's fermented a bit that has a nice, sharp tang to it. Every fall I buy fresh apple cider from a local apple orchard, and Poisoned Apple reminds me exactly of what the apple cider smells like. I LOVE this! I don't think I'd wear it much, but I'll definitely keep the imp.
  13. iheartbooks


    Yes! A floral that my skin actually likes! In the imp it smells mostly of daffodils, and when it hits my skin I get daffodils and musk, with a bit of plum in the background. I'm not sure if I'll buy a bottle but I'll definitely keep the imp. It's a wonderful spring scent!
  14. iheartbooks

    Shadow Witch Orchid

    I think I have to accept that most BPAL florals don't work on me; they either go soapy or sickly sweet. With Shadow Witch Orchid I get slightly soured orchids, like they've been sitting in water for too long and they're on the verge of decay.
  15. iheartbooks


    All I'm getting is sweet powdery pine sap. The sap smell is more pronounced in the imp, and goes powdery on my skin. I love berry and pine but unfortunately my skin chemistry does not like Yew Trees.