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  1. blaqpearl

    Budding Moon

    I love the way this smells in the bottle. It was the first bottle I tested from my order. A beautiful light floral with something extra. This smelled awesome and then it completey left my skin, after about four hours. I do like the fact that it is a softer floral. Its not loud and in your face, but I did wish it would have lingered a little more.
  2. blaqpearl

    Antique Lace

    *jumping on the bandwagon* When this got discontinued I wasnt sad because I didnt know what I was missing. I wasnt really interested in it...I didnt want to smell like fading perfume. So when it resurfaced, I thought let me get a bottle and see what all the fuss and crazy ebay auctions were all about. It was the first thing I opened when my last order arrived. The others still lie in there bubble wrap. I love this. It is my new fave. I love the vanilla and muskiness of it. Its perfectly sweet to me but not in a foody way. I will be ordering another bottle of this just in case it goes awol. I have a feeling this will get better with age.
  3. blaqpearl

    Devil's Night

    This one reminded me of Chimera. It has cinnamon and my skin just amped it right up. I might keep it a bit longer to see if with age it might mellow down. I could sense the boozy notes but it was quickly over taken my Mr. Cinnamon.
  4. blaqpearl

    Snow Bunny

    I dont get the pine like the others. I smelled something fruity but masculine. It really turned funky on my skin. I have been sniffing all day trying to like it somehow. At first I thought it would be okay but it turned a little sour on me. Off to the swaps.
  5. blaqpearl

    Sugar Skull

    I finally broke out my bottle that has been sitting for awhile. This one was very sweet, but I rather enjoyed it. I kept sniffing myself all day trying to detect the notes. So all in all, sugar with a boozy edge to it, like homemade fruit wine your grandmother would make and share during the holidays.
  6. blaqpearl

    Midnight Mass

    I really liked this one. It reminded me of Al-Azif but with out the maple syrup note. Definitely a keeper. I love my incensy scesnt. Too bad I cant remember what my catholic church smelled like as a kid. Its been a long time since I visited such a place.
  7. blaqpearl

    All Saints'

    I have been staying far away from rose blends because it turns to nail polish remover on my skin. But I wanted to try this one. The rose stayed true. I was quite shocked. I like it however, I dont know if it is me or not since I havent been able to wear rose. I do smell something in addition to the rose, but I cant place it. After about 7 hours I finally get the incense. I am going to try it one more time before I decide if this is a keeper.
  8. blaqpearl

    Kuang Shi

    This one is sharp and tangy. I wished I could smell more of the mango and white musk. Bitter orange jumps out at first. It reminds me of a pomade my mom used to put in my hair when I was a little girl. Amazing how I can remember scents that far back.
  9. blaqpearl

    Sacred Whore of Babylon

    Well...I have had this bottle for at least three months and hadnt tried it...but today I wanted to smell whorish so I reached for it. I never even tested it...I just went straight for the pulse points. A rare occurence for me. At first I didnt know what to think. It was strong. I smelled something spicy. Not sure if it was carnation or cinnamon. I usually hate cinnamon, but I have been opening my horizons. It is sweet, floral and spicy all at once. I can smell gardenia way in the background. I wish I knew what was in this. First impression was that I should have tested it first. But too late. By hour three, I was really diggin it. I kept saying...I can really like this. I will have to wear it a couple of more times. I think it will be one of those that will grow with me because I am not ready to give up the bottle yet.
  10. blaqpearl


    Wow...this smells like wet dirt after a rain storm in the middle of a hot florida summer.
  11. blaqpearl

    Harvest Moon 2005

    This is absolutely gorgeous. I think this might be one of my favorite lunacies. I can smell the spice, the apples and the light florals. Great autumn scent, even though in Florida there is not such thing. I hope I can find another bottle one of these days.
  12. blaqpearl

    Snake Charmer

    I tried Snake Oil on Friday night for the first time, and really enjoyed it...as well as DH. Well I got my bottle of Snake Charmer and these two are very related. SC is like SO nicer younger sister. I love it. Vanilly goodness. I wish I did smell more coconut. But that is okay. I should be placing an order for another bottle. Maybe.
  13. blaqpearl

    Gypsy Queen

    I almost dissmed this one as too floral. But as I continue to take deep breaths, this is very beautiful indeed. I had to buy this one because I love incense. I almost didnt because of the rose. But I am glad to say that this rose is different than others. It didnt turn to nail polish remover on me. I dont think I need another bottle of this one. But I will cherish this one as long as I can.
  14. blaqpearl

    Freak Show

    So I got all my CN goodies yesterday. And I am rushing to try them all to see if I need to place an order for more. Well I love this one. I might just have to get another bottle. At first reminds me of my Strawberry shortcake dolls I used to have. But as I inhale deeply since I only put just a smidget on, I get something very familiar to Samhain on me. It must be the fruit. I am really like this one. Who would have thought all those notes work so well together.
  15. blaqpearl

    Snake Oil

    Well I have finally gotten around to trying snake oil. I have had an imp forever but didnt try it. I acquired a bottle in a swap and still didnt try it. But tonight I felt like I should finally take the plunge. I knew I would like it, but I was just waiting for the right time. Took a nice shower this evening with Lush's Honey I washed the Kids soap. So maybe that is what moved me to Snake Oil's direction. This oil is so thick and sticky. As I dabbed I smelled a bit of patchouli, which I adore. But after a while that was gone. I smell vanilla and amber now with spices. I love the way this is blended. As soon as I walked in the room, my husband says, damn you smell good. Usually I have to wait about five or ten minutes or longer before he notices how good I usually smell. But this was an immediate reaction. He then proceeds to tell me that he should wear that to work to see if his sales increase. I was like...you wanna wear BPAL. So this is definitely a keeper. Probably a 10 ml purchase if my hubby gets his hands on this. Good thing Snake Charmer is on the way, could it possibly be better than this?