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  1. neddykapoozle

    Haute Macabre

    On me this is Antikythera Mechanism plus leather, which I am totally okay with
  2. neddykapoozle


    Does anybody know of a leather resembling that which was in Loviatar? I love it so and only have one lonely imp of Loviatar left and have been looking for a similar type of scent.
  3. neddykapoozle


    I completely agree with what tinyvulture said... in fact, when Pomona dried down, I thought it was To Autumn layered over Agape (which turns into indiscriminate but lovely creamy fruity apple blossoms). This is really pretty, like all the fun inside things about fall without being candley. My decant is plenty because I have bottles of the two things I think it smells like, but this is definately one to try. I imagine this would also be lovely in an oil warmer.... something about that nutty apple is so cozy!
  4. neddykapoozle

    What to wear to a rock show?

    So. I think I will be seeing of Montreal in about a week (!!!). Which logically means I need to find the perfect scent for the concert. Their music is a little out there, the band performs in elaborate costumes and it's generally a wild electric color party. I was thinking of wearing one of the new MTP scents, or Crawdad Dream, because it is sufficiently weird but has some musk in it so it should carry nicely in a crowded concert. If anyone has a rec for a scent they think would work well, give me a holler!
  5. neddykapoozle

    How do you apply your BPAL oils?

    I do it all, depending on the scent, upending the bottle on finger, wiping the rim on my skin, dotting from the cap, etc. How did I not notice that the lab sold wand caps? I may need to get some for my favorites. I only have a wand cap on a bottle of Gennivre I was swapped, and it makes me feel so darn elegant lightly dabbing honey mint tea onto myself from a glass wand.
  6. neddykapoozle

    Looking for any Harry Potter scent recommendations

    Any ideas for Luna Lovegood? I'm going to a screening tomorrow in costume and I'm trying to think of a perfume that would match her.
  7. neddykapoozle

    Scent for Halloween?

    I wore Golden Wave because it smells like I feel when I think about the inauguration and the incoming administration.
  8. neddykapoozle

    Metal Phoenix

    This one caught my eye when I first ordered my decant set, and has become my favorite of the ones tested so far. Metal Phoenix brings to mind little flowers frosted in silver, very delicate and light, but stunningly gorgeous and ephemeral. This starts with the softly burnished silver in front, with the ozone and citrus being really delicate, not headachy at all. The florals sweeten it up. The wearlength isn't all that long, but it's so pretty and different from anything I have that I must have a bottle. The lingering sweet silvery gorgeousness is worth it, and reapplying it will be a delight. I will be getting a bottle. Oh, and rose mallow? are you that delicious wonder that is making that almost buttery, but not quite note I can sniff sometimes? you are divine, whoever you are. Must find more blends with that note.
  9. I ordered some stuff from the BPTP on November 15th, and haven't gotten either the package or a Cns. I know that the USPS is being kindof weird, but I thought that the package should be arriving by now. I've sent both a message to Puddin and an email to the BPTP a few days ago, but I'm getting a little worried about this order. I've never ordered from the Post before, but I figure that the TAT would be similar to the lab.
  10. neddykapoozle

    I want to smell like dirt! Dirt, Earth, Soil recommendations

    I'd also add The Flower Song for more tart fruity joy.
  11. neddykapoozle


    Whenever I get a throbbing headache now, I dab a touch of Grr onto the palms of my hands, rub them together, cup over my nose, and breathe really deeply. My headaches get stopped dead in their tracks. I'd really love a bottle of this, works so well and smells so good!
  12. neddykapoozle

    Lady Una

    Oh, this is so good. Notewise, this has everything I love. If this didn't work on me I would be both surprised and very upset. Luckily I was not disappointed. From in the bottle to wet on my skin to dry, this is fabulous. A honey musk base to start, then the green tea and blackberry work their way in, with the vanilla bean providing sweetness but not too much. And the spices poke their head up way late in the drydown. I want to lick my arm this is so good. I have a partial, but I don't know how long it will last, because I keep dabbing this on once my scent of the day has worn off. Me likey. And I will definately be getting a full bottle sometime soon.
  13. neddykapoozle

    BPAL Patchouli - there's nothing else like it

    I'm not a huge patchouli fan, but I did order a bottle of Piper At the Gates of Dawn from the Yules for the supporting notes. And on me, this turns into a orangey patchouli party. Piper at the Gates of Dawn: terebinth pine, patchouli, brown musk, linden blossom, honey, mallow, blood orange, heliotrope, and golden amber' I don't know if I would consider it predominately citrus, as there's so much stuff going on there, but the orange definately makes itself known.
  14. neddykapoozle


    This. Is. Perfection. Herbally lavender marshmallows made in dreamland This stuff it powerful, i.e. I crack open the lid of my imp and my eye-lids start drooping. This is like Valium. I am a high-school student, so staying up until the wee hours of the morning is all too familiar to me, but in the event that I need to drop like a rock, TKO is what I reach for. I don't have a bottle of the oil but I do have massage oil coming to me. But this smells so incredibly good that I can't possibly imagine being without a bottle of it, so I think a bottle will find it's way to me soon, even though I need no sleep help. But if you're looking for sleep oils, this is the best, IMO. If only I could wear this without falling asleep w/in the minute...... SO GORGEOUS.
  15. neddykapoozle

    Nutty scents - blends with nut notes or nuts

    To Autumn is super nutty on me, from the most recent Halloweenies. It has unspecified "nutmeat" and it is really lovely and nutty, and not a super sweet or foody one. It's just..... nuts.