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  1. SarahScent44


    Citrus scents are about my favorite thing ever, so I came into this one really hoping for some grapefruit. In the imp, it was minty sweet - all mint & champagne. On my skin, the mint is dominant, with the slightest hint of grapefruit and champagne. When it dries, it's very light, very traditional, very subtle - but all florals. No grapefruit for me. :-(
  2. SarahScent44

    Giant Vulva

    In the imp, this is very warm - skin musk and sugar. On my skin, my reaction is "mmm...."; I get skin musk, honey, with a touch of the wax and the vanilla flower. Unfortunately, despite the lovely wet phase, there's something I don't recognize (the copal?) that dominates on the dry down. :-(
  3. SarahScent44

    Eight Views of Actors in Their Dressing Rooms

    When I smell this in the imp, it's all yuzu - very sharp and bright. On my skin, it's very light, clear, yet stable - definitely yuzu, grounded by the tea. When it dries down, it's very clean; the citrus scent is gone, and the drydown is mostly ambergris.
  4. SarahScent44


    In the imp, this is all vanilla and amber to my nose - golden indeed! Then, on my skin, it becomes very sweet and warm - I'm not getting any of the orange blossom at all. It's the same when dry; for me, this is very straightforward - vanilla and amber all the way.
  5. SarahScent44

    Couple Consulting an Enpon

    In the imp, I got sandalwood with just a hint of orange blossom. On my skin, the orange blossom came up quite a bit, with just a hint of mint and sandalwood; it's very well-blended, and hard to pick out individual notes. Once it's dry, the rich sweetness of the blackberry comes way up, backed by the warmth of the sandalwood - very nice!
  6. SarahScent44

    The Two-Headed Goat

    In the imp, this is all woods and moss. On my skin, I get something sharp (maybe the musk?) - it's almost chemical/medicinal. When it dries - whoa - very sharp. I have no idea what pimento berry smells like, but I can only assume that's what I'm getting. There may be petitgrain there as well.
  7. SarahScent44

    Pickled Imp

    In the imp, I get vanilla, with a hint of the pine. On my skin, there's an interesting interplay between the spices and the vanilla (which are extremely foody, almost cake-y), and the pine - there's almost a tension between the two. Okay - as it dries, I'm feeling a burn on my skin where I applied it. Just a note. When it dries, there's a strange smoky-sharpness coming out of the pine sap with a dusting of the spices over it - I really thought I was going to love this one, but it's just too strange.
  8. SarahScent44

    The Maltese Cross of Sanctus Germanus

    In the imp, I smell frankincense and orange. On my skin, the orange rides over top - the frankincense is still in play, and the amber lends some warmth. When it's dry - oh wow - definitely amber, orange, a light floralness from the lilac. Contrary to my usual experience, this got lighter, rather than darker when it dried; the frankincense is completely gone, and it ends up being sort of powdery and traditional on me.
  9. SarahScent44

    Hay Moon

    In the bottle, this is dry, grassy, warm - I'm getting the hay and the sweetness of the honey, and the warmth of the amber. On my skin, it's sweeter, warmer - very sun-baked, summer afternoon-y. There's more honey, with a high-pitched familiar sweetness that I just can't place. (Reading some other reviews, it's - duh - lemon-y, something I wasn't even looking for since it wasn't listed.) It definitely gives me a feeling of a soft, creamy, yellow afternoon. When it's dry, it's warm, round - a very comforting scent. All hay and grass, with a hint of cardamom and honey. I liked this one a lot more than I expected to.
  10. SarahScent44

    Mead Moon

    In the bottle, this is very herbal at the top, with that rich honey base - very thick and golden. On my skin, surprisingly, the ginger comes way up - it's not the hot, spicy ginger that I often get, but a sweet, effervscent ginger, like ginger ale. The honey has gone way down, and the background is primarily herbal. When it dries, it's just thick, rich mead - with a faint touch of all of those spices. The more I smell it, the more I like it - very subtly sensual. (And I was still smelling it halfway through the next day!)
  11. SarahScent44

    Bruised Violet Compound

    In the imp, this is all moss and violets. On my skin, the violets definitely lead - the other three notes make up a very dense-yet-light background to the violets, and add a little darkness. When it dries, the violet is true and strong - but this one's not for me.
  12. SarahScent44

    The Buggre Alle This Bible

    In the imp, this is very leather-y and incense-y. On my skin, the leather is very distinct and up-front - that's about all I get. When it dries, it's still primarily leather for me - a touch of incense. Basically the opposite of what I was hoping for.
  13. SarahScent44


    In the imp, this is light yet spicy - I get an initial subtle hit of honey, vanilla, and orange, and then the ginger makes its appearance. On my skin, I get more honey, ginger, the orange, and then there's just a hint of the florals in the background. When it dries, it's a beautiful, complex blend - first the ginger, then the vanilla and honey, and finally a whiff of florals in the background. Not for me, but utterly amazing.
  14. SarahScent44


    In the imp, this is incredibly clean & light - a very subtle scent, like line-dried clothes. On my skin, it gets slightly soap-y - not unpleasantly so, but very clean and pure. When it's dry, it's taken on a very sharp nature - very strange. But it absolutely smells like soapy skin.
  15. SarahScent44


    Spices, cardamom, nutmeg, and flowers. In the bottle. I get a blend of the spices and the flowers. It's all spices on my skin - very warm and close. When it dries, it's deliciously, but generically, spicy.