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  1. mamoyer

    Pink Lace

    How strange- I barely get strawberry at all on my skin OR in my bottle! My skin always loves tobacco and incense, though. And, like others have said, this is a low-amping skin scent. In the bottle, I smell sweet, creamy incense with a hint of rosewater. Dried on my skin, it smells like (in descending order of dominance): tobacco, a hint of sweet incense smoke, a splash of rosewater, a dribble of cognac, and a faint memory of strawberry cotton candy. I really don't get much morphing at all! I did wait to try it until it had settled for a day. I'm very glad I got this! I'm a huge fan of the original Black Lace, and I think that Pink Lace is something that I can wear during the day, and I can apply Black Lace in the evening without having a weird scent clash. Black Lace is sort of my signature going-out scent, but it's not usually something I can wear to work because it does give off a strong--albeit classy--cigs'n'booze vibe. Pink Lace is definitely my kind of scent, and it's work-appropriate and skin-hugging! Yay!
  2. mamoyer

    Autumn Cider

    This does not smell like traditional Apple Cider at *all* to me. I'm another big fan of Fearful Pleasure and was hoping this scent would be similar. Autumn Cider is nice, but it's more like Cran-Apple juice, lemon juice, a dribble of cherry juice, and a BLAST of cinnamon red hots. My skin tingled where I put the oil. I can see where people are getting the Hawaiian Punch smell--this scent doesn't make me think of Autumn; instead, I think of a Valentine's Day party, where every kid has a cup of fruity red juice and a bag of heart-shaped red hots. Not a BAD scent, but totally not what I was expecting! I'll edit if this smells different after a few days of settling. ETA: Eek- my friend tried some of this on just now because she loved the scent in the bottle (she says it's a mixture of Hawaiian Punch and Red Hots), and a few minutes later her skin BURNED and she got huge red welts up and down her arms! I feel so bad for her. So--I don't recommend this if you have sensitive skin.
  3. mamoyer

    The Gorobble

    This is so odd. My experience with this scent is not at all what everyone else smelled. In the bottle, I smelled mostly smoke and woods with a hint of marshmallow sweetness. But on me, it became PURE bonfire smoke and burning logs, with maybe a dribble of long-burnt sugar from that one marshmallow that fell off the stick earlier in the evening and is now charred into the coals. I get no cinnamon from this at all. Kind of a bummer, because I love the Lab's marshmallow scents (TKO, Marshmallow Pumpkin, Marshmallow Poof), and was hoping that The Gorobble would smell a bit like the Slatkin Marshmallow Fireside candle. This is nice and very evocative, but seems like it's only going to be used for times that I want to smell like I spent all night tending a campfire. Here's hoping that the marshmallow will be more prominent after a few days of settling.
  4. mamoyer

    Halloween: Las Vegas

    This one is truly FUCKAWESOME. In the bottle, I was a little scared, because it smelled like grape drink got spilled all over a cake. Then, immediately after putting some on, it smelled like I was in a room full of people eating red velvet cake and drinking fruity red wine. Then, after an hour or so, the cake (and a hint of Snake Oil) became the forefront, with just a hint of wine. It's like Cake Smash is now a gorgeous 30-year-old wearing a little black dress, sipping on wine, and rolling a fresh cigarette. Further on, it reminds me a LOT of Black Lace, but minus the cotton and most of the smoke, and adding lots of red velvet cake. It's totally wearable and gorgeous, and instantly shot up into my Top 20 (perhaps Top 10 when all is said and done). I also have a feeling it will age very well.
  5. mamoyer

    Sojourn Down the Midway Atmosphere Spray

    This smells like Midnight on the Midway (Night-blooming flowers + sugared incense) added to Midway (cotton candy sugary goodness + something faintly cake-like, like the ice cream cone others were talking about). I love it! It's not super strong or distinctive, but it gives the room a very pleasant background scent. You could spray this throughout your house, and visitors wouldn't automatically think "what is that awesome room fragrance?" Instead, they would think "The house smells nice" or even have a subconscious thought of how your house is a pleasant and comforting place to be. I have several BPTP room scents (and adore them all), but I don't think any of them are as versatile as this one. I will be definitely getting a bottle when this is released!
  6. mamoyer

    The First of the Three Spirits

    How weird! When I first put this on, I thought "this is amazing...it smells a lot like Angel, actually...but without the patchouli." And I went on here, and lookit that- lots of others think so, too! That said, this is a beautiful, beautiful blend. One of my favorites of the past couple of years, actually. I must get a bottle--or two--of this. A few hours later, I just smell vanilla-tinged amber. The florals are gone. It's just warm and cozy and wonderful. *sigh*
  7. mamoyer

    The Harp of Cnoc I'Chosgair

    When I first applied this, my nose was overwhelmed with a green, bitter, powdery floral scent, a bit like a dandelion (it was probably the marigold and the powdery part coming from the amber). I was SO disappointed. Not unpleasant, just not what I expected. Then, after about 10-20 minutes, it settled into an absolutely beautiful and soft vanilla sandlewood. I agree with other reviewers that up close, you can smell a little soapiness, so I wouldn't advise huffing up close like it's crack, which is what I do with some blends *coughCAKESMASHcough*, but the scent wafting around you is gorgeous, warm, and light. Reminds me of a sun-lit meadow in the pleasant warmth of early afternoon. There are marigolds and daisies and gardenias blooming, and you're 12 again wearing your Easter dress and bonnet (with white patent-leather shoes), and you're being slightly rebellious by laying on your back in the grass despite wearing your good new clothes. :D
  8. mamoyer

    Snow White

    So, I have bottles of every year of Snow White (except 07, but I have a decant of that). This is quite possibly the most heartbreakingly gorgeous scent ever made, EVER (to paraphrase from an earlier review). It ages incredibly well, to the point where if I sniff from my 04 bottle first, my later Snow Whites smell like nothing. If I sniff 05 another day, then 07 and 08 smell very faint. It just strengthens and gets more beautiful as it ages. I don't get coconut or almond or apple, though I see why people are saying that. It's the mixture of cold fresh green (the rare lily musk note?) and chilled creaminess. The throw and duration of this scent are spectacular. If any SW gets on my clothes (like a scarf or coat), it STAYS there, which is awesome.
  9. mamoyer

    Scent for Halloween?

    Halloween: Samhain Turkey Day: Gingerbread Poppet Christmas Eve: Daytime- Lick It, Evening- Midnight Mass Christmas Day: The Snow Storm New Years': One year I wore Bon Vivant, and the other I wore Black Lace And I like Poisson D'Avril for Easter.
  10. mamoyer

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    The one on the left is *definitely* Pirate Moon, and The Phoenix is a clear-colored scent that supposedly has SO in it, but I could never tell. I don't own The Phoenix anymore, but I still love my Pirate Moon!!
  11. mamoyer

    Mlle. Lilith, Fortune Teller

    This blend opened up with heavy cypress, myrtle, and orange blossom...it smelled very cologne-y, sort of masculine. I was afraid it was going to stay that way, until it dried down. Now, it's all pink musk, sugar, coconut, and pomegranate. Mayyybe a touch of incense. It's like those other notes disappeared! Weird. It's pretty nice. Sugar is a weird note on me, but I'm interested in seeing how this one ages. I adore Mme. Moriarty, so I'm hoping la petite mademoiselle will work just as well as time goes by! ETA: Auughh, tried it again once it had settled a bit and sure enough, my skin hates sugar in this blend like it does in every other sugar blend. The sugar note amps and gives me a toothache, and then the sugar burned (olfactory-wise, not physically), and I became nauseated, and I had to scrub it off. Waaahhh, Mlle. Lilith ended up smelling a lot like Smut. I can't *stand* Smut. D: I'm sure this would be awesome with someone else's skin chemistry. :sob:
  12. mamoyer

    Cake Smash

    A delicious cupcake with cream cheese frosting in the bottle. Almost boozy, it was so rich. Then on my skin, it's dry, crumbly red velvet cake with a bit of frosting. That sounds bad, but it's really not. It's delicous, and it's the first BPAL cake scent that hasn't turned plasticky on my skin. This is DEFINITELY a red velvet cake. It's beautiful, and I want to roll in it. I can't smell any Snake Oil, Dorian, or Doc C at the moment, but maybe once it ages up they'll come out. This is a wonderful blend, and I'll likely want another bottle before it comes down!!!
  13. mamoyer

    Which oils say, cool detached authority?

    Manhattan or The Torture Queen. THE TORTURE QUEEN White amber, vanilla musk, white tea, ambergris, gardenia, and chrome.
  14. mamoyer

    Alice's Evidence

    I'm totally getting quince and sugarplums, and it's AWESOME. It also smells like pine to me, but it may be scent association, because Alice's Evidence smells like Christmas to me! (That is, Christmas quince pie and sugarplums and gingerbread). This will be a bottle purchase, since I'll likely be wearing a lot of this come winter.
  15. mamoyer


    Well, that does it. Vetiver is officialy an EVIL note for my skin chemistry. Anathema on my skin is totally AMPED vetiver, and it smells absolutely dreadful. I can't even smell the opium or honeysuckle, which is so sad, because I love honeysuckle. So far, every blend from the lab that contains vetiver does this, so sadly I must write this one off too.