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obsessive precious hoarder
41 years old
July 2, 1972
Female Female
My cats, my birds, literature and literacy, education, reading, writing, Too Many Craft things (sewing, quilting, wood burning, painting, crochet, beadwork, knitting, cross stitch, glass etching, etc, etc, etc), celebrating the completion of my Masters' degree and trying to get 9th graders enthusiastic about reading ... or at least trying to get them to not look like they're going to cry when someone tells them they have to read a book.

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I love florals, many-many fruits (though not all), spices, honey, most herbs especially mint and eucalpytus and ... generally most things. :)

I'm allergic to tobacco, civet or smoky kinds of scents and I've noticed that I'm having allergic reactions to the BPAL oils with wine notes so there seems to be something there that I'm allergic to. :( I'm also allergic to patchouli, amber and sandalwood in large amounts (though small amounts is absolutely lovely).

This is just a list of the BPAL that I don't think I'd ever turn down more of -- there are a lot of others that I like enough to mildly hoard:

Aeval, Anubis, Athens, Aunt Caroline's Joy Mojo, Bakneko, Bed of Nails, Black Cat, Blood Moon, Centzon Totochtin, Chiroptera, Coyote, Cracked Bell, Dragon's Eye, Dragon's Milk, Dragon's Tears, Eclipse, Eos, Frost Moon, Haloes, Hollywood Babylon, Honey Moon, Hunger Moon, Jacob's Ladder, Jasmine Cottage, Juke Joint, Kataniya, Lady Una, Les Bijoux, Lucy's Kiss, Mad Kate, Midnight on the Midway, Mouse’s Long and Sad Tale, Pepper, Poisoned Apple, Snake Oil, Sundew, Swan Maiden, Thalassa, Ultraviolet, Xanthe


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Lost Somewhere, PA
United States

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    30 Aug 2010 - 15:32
    Ps - what is your master's in? I have a jd. My boys, ages 11 and 13, just started 6th and 8th grade today. Any books you would suggest they read? They are both readers (as am I - love the public library - go every 2 -3 weeks and get a whole new batch. Love cats, too. Ours is 17...Raptor. xo have a great day!
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    30 Aug 2010 - 15:30
    Hi Gwynhwyfar,
    I am new to bpal and this site. I saw that we don't have many signed up yet. If I am down for one and there is another person or persons down, too, it is fine with me if we split it 2 or 3 ways (and distribute the cost accordingly) or is this prohibited by the rules? Just wondering. Got into this sort of late and missed out on other decants.
    Thank you for your ...
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    09 Jul 2009 - 19:21
    Hi, She Whom Is Cute. :)
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