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2018 Samhain Seven Qs

Posted by Em-, 09 September 2018 · 25 views

Updated 9/19/18
Shortbread?  Heck yes. I am up for just about any baked good. :D
Is there something you’d like from the UK? Pimms is probably out, but I love UK chocos and other edibles. 
Do you like Lord of the Rings?    Yes, but I"m not a huge fangirl. It is one of those things where I like the movie...

2018 13 Nights of Halloween Questions~

Posted by Em-, 30 August 2018 · 52 views
lists, circular swaps, 13 Nights
Here is where I shall keep my questions. I shall keep my questions here. 
Updated 9/19/18 
What is your favorite thing about Halloween?  
I answered this pretty thoroughly in my survey, I think, but kind of everything. I love celebrating with my kids and being able to buy animal skeletons at Target and the flavors...

2018 Spring Cleaning Swap Qs

Posted by Em-, 12 March 2018 · 225 views
swap questions, spring cleaning
Updated 3/29/18 am
do you need craft supplies? What sorts?
Not particularly. I can always use craft paper and markers and other colorful drawing/kid friendly craft stuff like pipe cleaners and pompoms and such though. I have given up any hope of actually getting back into needlework while my daughter is in elementary school.  

2018 Imbolic Swap QA

Posted by Em-, 05 December 2017 · 288 views

Updated 1/2/18 pm
Do you use, or are you interested in, Twilight Alchemy Lab oils?  I have dabbled a bit and find White Light to be useful for working through uncontrollably stressful, although I have no clue where my tiny stash of TALs even are. I am more on the interested in the mythology, not really a practitioner side of things, so if you...

2017 Solstice Swap Q&A

Posted by Em-, 13 November 2017 · 264 views
swaps, q&a
Updated 11/18/17 
Any Weenies you missed out on?
My wishlist is up-to-date (through Yule! OMG!)
Are you Amazon & Etsy Wishlists up to date?  They are - Amazon definitely, although it is a little scattered, but anything on there is stuff I would still like. Etsy hasn't been updated in a while, so I'm not sure how much is sti...

2017 12 Days of Christmas Answers Etc.

Posted by Em-, 02 November 2017 · 165 views
circular swaps, questions
Updated 11/11/17
Are you coveting anything currently available from Haus of Gloi?
I am not terribly familiar with Haus of Gloi, but the bubbling scrub and pumpkin butter looks good and the Blood Orange Marshmallow scent sounds right up my alley, as do a lot of the yule scents. 
Are you coveting anything from the Paintbox Soa...

2017 13 Nights of Halloween Notes and Queries

Posted by Em-, 11 September 2017 · 132 views
swaps, answers
Updated as of 9/12 am:
Are you ok with homemade food?
Absolutely all the food (within the very broad limits of my questionnaire). I'll note that while I am intolerant of dill in most things, I do love me some pickles. 
If you are ok with decorations, do you have a preference for table-top, wall hanging, or window deco...

12 Days of Christmas 2016

Posted by Em-, 31 October 2016 · 365 views
circular swap questions, lists
I love crocheting, it's my favorite hobby. Can I make you a scarf/cowl/sweater/lap blanket to keep you wintery-warm!?
Absolutely! I am not much of a cowl wearer, but otherwise, bring on all the homemade goodies, especially since yarn-craft and I do not get along. 
How do you feel about knit socks? (P...

13 Nights of Halloween 2016

Posted by Em-, 06 September 2016 · 285 views
swap info
UPDATED 9/14/16
Anything here:  http://paintboxsoapworks.com/  look like something you'd like to try (assuming that you're not already ordering it)?
My own answer is that I need just about everything in Red Right Hand, but I will probably be taking care of that myself.
Do you like stuff related to Dia de los Muertos (Day of th...

Wishlists links and other sundry info for circular swaps.

Posted by Em-, 23 September 2015 · 444 views
lists, circular swaps
Rather than trying to trot out info every time I do a circular swap, it has occurred to me that a meta-post covering the basic places where I have wishlists and other relevant info might be useful.
Books:  Goodreads , Bookmooch (very neglected), useful discussion hereabouts
Other Stuff: Amazon , Etsy , Sock Dreams, Think...

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