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2021 Welcome Spring Questions



Updated 2-20-21


is the wishlist in  your signature up to date??

Sort of. I need to catch up on anything post Yule and will try to do that in the next day or two. 


Whole bean coffee or ground? Loose tea or bagged?

Prefer whole bean coffee, marginally prefer bagged tea for the convenience, but will happily accept either. 



What type of "spring" item would you like?  Actual bulbs/seeds for the flowers mentioned?  Artwork depicting said flowers?  Something in that scent?  A baby goat? 

I would love to say yes to seeds/bulbs, but I know myself well enough to know that I am terrible with plants. Yes please to baby animals. :lol:  I actually love floral food items - bitters, teas, those little pastiles, cookies (I'm planning to try my hand at lavender shortbread this afternoon). I also love ladybugs and butterflies and other insects, so feel free to play with that side of the theme. 


Please share your 5 most recently read books!

To the goodreads!

Bridgerton Collection Vol 1 - Juila Quinn

Across the Green Grass Fields - Seanan McGuire

The First Battle - Erin Hunter (this is one of the Warrior cats books that I'm reading with my 10 year old)

A series of Amazon shorts by Harold Schecter about historical true crime that I'm going to count as 1, even though there are 5 of them

Unspeakable Things - Jess Lourey


Please share your most recently read books that you’d rate 5 stars!

This is hard since I don't tend to really rate books this way, but here are my top 5 from 2020:

The City We Became - N.K. Jemison

War for the Oaks - Emma Bull

Children of Blood and Bone - Tomi Adeyemi

Every Heart a Doorway (and the whole Wayward Children series) - Seanan McGuire

A Stitch in Time - Kelley Armstrong


Please share your top 5 books of all time!

This is also sort of impossible, so this is more what sort of jumps to my head. The first two are easy because they are books I regularly reread. The others are more broadstrokes things like love (18 months ago, Harry Potter would have been on this list, but I just can't with it anymore. JKR has ruined her creations for me with her closedmindedness and transphobia). 

Neverwhere - Neil Gaiman

Chalice - Robin McKinley

Cainsville series - Kelley Armstrong

Best of Ray Bradbury

I can't just pick one, so I'm going to just say Charles d'Lint


Regarding hair decorations: Do you prefer bigger items (scrunchies, large hair pins, etc), or smaller items (hair baubles, decorative bobby pins, etc.)? 
No hair decorations for me. My hair is super short and I don't really wear things in it and neither do the longer haired members of my family. 


Is there anything you’d like me to know about your hair or skin type? For example: hair clips don’t work on me because my hair is too thin, I prefer creams over lotions because my skin is very dry, etc. 

My hair is super short and normally dyed a burgundy that I can mainly get away with because I'm an entertainment lawyer, so people like a little artistic flair. I don't really need anything hair or skincare wise, although I do enjoy sheet masks for oily/combination skin or "brightening" formulas because I'm in my mid-40s. For body lotion, just about anything is fine. 


I live in Japan. There are a lot of fun snacks here, from the “normal” (flavored kitkats, rice crackers, fun jelly pouches, etc.) to the “weird” (pickled plum flavored candy, seaweed snacks, dried squid/fish, etc.). The current seasonal kitkats are ume (Japanese plum), peach parfait, passion fruit, and matcha tiramisu (along with the standards of matcha, raspberry, and hojicha). Do any of these things sound good to you?

I have a mad mad passion for Japanese kitkats - any of the seasonal varieties sound amazing (passion fruit, peach and plum are some of my favorite flavors in general). I'm not a huge fan of the plain matcha. We actually get a monthly box of various Japanese snacks and other than the kit kats, I particularly love just about anything pastry-like. 


Astrological info:

Gemini sun, Sagittarius moon, Leo rising - years and years ago, Jarvenpa read my chart here.


How do you feel about insects? 

As noted above, I definitely think about the return of our small arthropod friends as part of the joy (and sometimes annoyance) of spring. 


Would you be interested in clothing, like a tee shirt or otherwise depicting something spring-like? If so, sizing?

Sure - I tend to be an XL and prefer more fitted "womens/girly" style tees. Generally I tend to like darker colors and geeky prints, but something like a detailed anatomical flower or insect drawing could be very cool.


I've started experimenting with different shortbread combinations - would you be interested in sharing in some of my experiments? If so, would you prefer plain shortbread, or flavors? 

This is my question, but I'm definitely here for just about all the baked goods, especially fruity and floral, for spring.


Favourite colour palettes for accessories/clothes/homewear?

Black, grey, purple, green, peacock blue - basically jewel tones.


Favourite fruit/veg

Papaya, cherries, peaches, blackberries, generally stone fruit and berries in spring, tomatoes, cauliflower, corn, potatoes, okra, beans.

I actually have oral allergy syndrome, so I cannot eat raw apple skin, celery or cucumber skin. 


Are you interested in any of the following?   

Rose Petal Liqueur

Vanilla Lavender Liqueur

Peach Jam

Ginger Peach Butter

Star Anise Plum Jam

Candied Jalapenos


ALL OF THEM, OMG. Especially interested in the liquors, ginger peach butter, star anise anything and candied jalapenos.  So all of them. :lol:


Are you a crafter of fiber, and if so, would you like any kind of yarn or roving? 

No thank you. Fiber craft and I do not get along.


I have some extra drop spindles, are you interested in one?

 No thank you. 


Would you like any knitted goodies like a spring shawlette, hat, or fingerless mitts?  

A shawlette or fingerless mitts would be delightful!


For snacks - am actually in the UK, not sure if there's anything special here that US board members would be interested in?

I generally love British sweets, especially Cadbury bars, custard cremes, tea cakes, and the like. 


Do you appreciate socks?  What kind of fibers?  No-show, ankle, crew, knee-high, over the knee?  

I love fun socks with cute designs - ankle/crew socks would be best for spring. Pretty open on fiber so long as they are not wool. 


Would you appreciate a spring-themed mask? What kind?  

Absolutely - I prefer around the ear. 


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