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BPAL Madness!
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12 Days of Christmas 2020

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PBSW has their Yuletide Winter collection out sans candles (http://paintboxsoapworks.com/new-limited-edition/2020-yuletide-winter-limited-editions/) that are coming soon. Is there anything you'd like? Also any scents you'd like as candles when they come out?

I love PBSW soap and sorbetto - Black Twig, Comfort and Joy, Sozzled, White Snow Bright Snow all appeal from the Winter collection. Black Twig seems like it might make a nice candle.


If you like incense what type to you use? Stick/cone/loose?

No thank you.


Do you have a favorite animal?

Bats, cats, snakes, spiders, lizards, owls, penguins, reindeer antlers on other animals.


Would you like gloves/mittens/scarf/winter hat?

No mittens, but any of the others would be lovely.


Loose/bagged tea?

I use both, but in all honesty, bags get used more. 


Would you be interested in trying out anything from Nocturne Alchemy Lab?

No thanks.


Would you like a batch of home-made bath salts?

Sadly, no - no bath tub.


Anything catch your eye from Dandelion Chocolate?

The cacao fruit jam w/ passionfruit, nougat, bitters, granola


What's a thing you always tell yourself you're going to get just for you but haven't yet? Name one thing under $10 and one thing over $10

Under $10 - 

Over $10 - 

Oh gods, I'll have to come back to this one. 


What's your favorite type of chocolate? (milk, white, dark, with nuts, with fruit, flavored chocolate, etc.)

I love milk and white, not dark so much and I love nuts, fruits, flavors. 


How do you feel about stationery? (letter sets, stickers, pens, etc.)

Pens for sure. I always need post its and interesting note cards. 


If you had to pick a favorite flavor (sweet, spicy, sour, savory, salty) what would it be?

Can I pick a combo - sweet spicy?


What's one food/flavor that you absolutely hate or dislike strongly?

Strong fishy flavors


For the purposes of this swap (not trying to start an international perfume debate), is honey a gourmand note?

I love honey and I like gourmand, so not sure it matters. I think it can really be both gourmand and not so much.



Thoughts about lovely bespoke cleansing scrubs a la Sugar Spider (https://sugarspider.shop/) or PBSW sorbets?

 I adore them so much I have a monthly sub to Sugar Spider, so no need to enable me there. 


How about literary writing gloves?

Also love them and am  planning a Storyarts order at the moment because I need all the Christmas Carol things. 


Tokidoki, anyone? Other cute kawaii goodness? Plushies, blind boxes, etc?

Goodness yes. My daughter and I bond over our love of all things tiny and adorable.  


Fun cloth masks? Holiday themed or no? Favorite style? 

Sure! My favorite style is accordion fold or shaped a bit, with or without a wire to help with nose fitting  and earloops. The only catch with a holiday theme is that by the time we open there won't be much chance to use it.


Journals or Sketchpads or Sketchbooks - yay or nay?

No thank you. I have so many that I just never use. 

Face masks (like the kind that come one to a package?

I actually have quite a few that I've never used. I'm definitely not opposed. 

Anything from Sock Dreams? 

I do love me some socks, especially with fun designs. I think I have a wishlist in my wishlist blog. 

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