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Krampusnacht Swap Questions

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Updated 11/4/21


Haus of Gloi yule update:  I'd love to try Mama’s Porridge, Spruce Tip Shortbread and Winter Divinity in bubbling scrub, whipped soap or pumpkin butter; all of the lip balms also look good 


PBSW's Yule Update: I LOVE Christmas Morning Riot (would get the most use out of hot process soap), Comfort and Joy, Poinsettia, The Golden Orb (sorbetto or soap sample sizes) 


Sugar Spider:  I have a big stockpile from last year's Candy Cluster, so I'm good. 


Solstice Scents: Not really my bag


Any interest in any of the following in a krampus theme?

+ Tee (sizing?) Absolutely, women's XL (Relaxed fit if that's an option)

+ mask - YES PLEASE!!!

+ jewelry (necklace?  Earrings? ) - Sure - earrings, necklace or a charm bracelet would all be fun

+socks - definitely! Love fun socks, prefer calf length or knee highs


Krampus style - 

Stocking color - really dark, almost black green and red

Style - cat, cute, demonic in that order 


What is something you can't get where you live that you wish some nice person who lives somewhere else would send you? Trying to think of anything - generally speaking, I love any kind of regional sweets, Asia specific Tokidoki?


Perfect Krampus Scent - Smoldering red musk, fir tree switches, and dark chocolate "coal"


Jingle bells on earrings - please no, that sounds like a sensory nightmare right next to my ears. Bells in other places are fine.


Fruitcake - I LOVE trying other people's fruitcake, but homemade only, please. 


Fudge - I love Holly's penuche with pecans, I'd love to try the chocolate mint. The forest fruits is super good too. 


Cellar Door - I might like the Krampus Nacht in a candle, but not so much a soap. Holiday Hearth and  White Pine Wonderland would also be fabulous.

I would enjoy soaps in Bad Santa, Frost Bite, Frozen Lakeshore, Gumdrop Forest, Jingle Juice, Merry Michigan, Snowy Morning, and Your Nutty Family - maybe some soap ends?

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