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BPAL Madness!
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13 Nights of Halloweeeeeeeen 2020

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Updated 8/25/20


If you said you would be happy with homemade things, what types of homemade things would you like best?
Anything? Honestly, jewelry, yarnwork, foodstuffs - all are amazing. (Sorry, I realize that is supremely not helpful. 


Do you garden or keep houseplants, and--if so-- would you be interested in seeds or gardening supplies?

No thank you. I try regularly, and always kill things. 


What is your favorite Halloween character or creature?

Bats, spiders, snakes! I love all the creepy crawlies and Jack and Sally from NMBC, and gargoyles...


Would you be interested in a spooky fabric mask?  What should be on it?  Tie, earloop, or what?  
OMG YES!!!!! Anything along the lines I've already described. Tie or earloop is fine, although I find I marginally prefer loops.. 


If you'd like something knit, anything you'd especially adore? (Socks (shoe size), mittens, fingerless mitts, cowl, hat, etc) 

Socks (sz 8 US Womens) or fingerless mits or a shawl are the things I'd get the most use out of.


What are you interested in from the BPAL Update?  How about the NAVA update?

Nothing from NAVA, thanks. I haven't actually had a chance to look at the BPAL update yet, but I will update my wishlist accordingly...probably next week?


How do you feel about stuff being shipped directly to you instead of to me and then to you, so it wouldn't be wrapped but you could still wait to open it?  Bad idea or good idea?

That's fine! I've done that before and just noted what night it's for. 


Any interest in any candles or other products from Sihaya and Co? 

These candles sound amazing:

Autumnvale Cafe
Celtic Twilight
The Dreamer Awakens
II - Full Moon

The plummy lip colors - Twilight Magic, Velvet Bow, and Elixir of Life look fab, as does Harvest Rust. The Enchantress shimmer is cool as well. And I would love to try the paintbox exclusive Ginger Fox in either scrub or soap.


There is a place near me that has some of the BEST coffee beans I've personally ever had- would you be interested in receiving a pound or half pound of beans? If so, do you prefer flavored (which ones?), full caffeinated - decaf - half and half?, whole bean or ground? Light or dark roast? 
OOOOOOOH, Yes please! Definitely fully caffeinated, slightly prefer dark roast whole bean, but flexible on both. For flavors, I'd probably prefer a sampler of smaller sizes, just because I am not even sure what I like anymore. 

Also, how about a mug to go with it? If so, what's your mug style- oversized 90's coffeehouse? Tiny espresso demitasse? Ye Standard Coffee Cup? Name it!

Oversized 90s coffee house for sure. 


Do you drink booze? If so, would you be interested in a kit to infuse your favorite varieties? (I've tried these and love them: https://www.etsy.com/shop/InBooze)

Answering my own question, I do, and I love these - I've tried the Old Fashioned and the Cucumber Citrus. I really WANT to try the Blackberry Gin Smash, Blueberry Citrus - really anything that is for gin, vodka, whiskey, rum, or tequila. So, you know, pretty much all of them. LOL


Do you like animals?  Any favorites?  I do! Bats, owls, spiders, snakes, penguins, cats, corgis...


And would you like to receive a photo print of a photo I took myself? Any preference on size? Are you okay with just the print, so you can frame it yourself?  

This would be lovely, but it is much more likely to go up somewhere if it arrives in a cool frame. 


And what about photo printed postcards? 



One of my favorite stores sells perfumed hand-made hair rinse which I love myself. Would you be interested?

Sure! One of the first things to go for me in the pandemic was dying my hair, so I no longer need to use a color depositing conditioner.


The PBSW Weenie Collection just went live (minus lotions and candles which are delayed). Is there anything you're interested in? Any scents you'd like as lotions or candles when they come in? I

G.O.A.T. in soap or scrub would be fab. 


Would socks make you happy? If so: what size? And what about over the knee socks? 

Yes! I'm a women's 8 and usually wear anywhere from knee-high to ankle. Not so much over the knee. 


What are your book tastes? Do you have a goodreads? Hmm... give me your top three favorite books!

Tons of book info, including goodreads is in my sig. My 3 fave books right now are comfort reads - Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman, Chalice by Robin McKinley, and...a third one is harder, honestly.

Would you like any tea accessories, say like a tea infuser? 
I am good with tea accessories.
Interested in Blackthorn Hoodoo Tea?  Which blends?

I am a complete and total atheist, but I find using products that have specific intent to be..unsettling. So I would probably rather not have these, although a lot of these look good. 


Do you like incense?  If so, loose, cone, stick...?

Please please please do not send me incense. 


This year we've made apple butter, unsweetened apple sauce, canned sweet cherries, candied jalapenos... which, if any, of these would you welcome?
OMG, yes, all of these sound amazing, especially the cherries and jalapenos. 


Would you be interested in any sort of large bag/purse/tote? If so any themes or colors?

Fun shopping bags are great, but I have a ton and am set for most anything else. 


I may have gone a little overboard on the nostalgia train and picked up a multitude of bottles from the cute 90s Gothic perfume company, Vampyre. I have three that can potentially be yours: Nocturnas (Sudanese Frankincense is Added to Exquisite Blackberry Essence in this Decadent Enveloping Blend) , Petra Musk ( Aged Red Musk, with it’s Woods, Spices and Musk Notes is Intensified with African Kush Oil,Imparting an Exotic Scent and Reddish Hue to this Elixir) and Blood & Roses (Three Types of the Darkest Rose Essence Dry Down into Rich Musk Bottom Notes in this Mysterious, Unexpectedly Romantic Scent).

Nocturnas and Petra Musk both sound really intriguing.  

Do you cook (or aspire to cook)?  Is there any cooking-related gift that would bring you joy?  Spices, ingredients, cookbook, gadgets, implements...

I think I covered this in my initial questions, but yes! I especially like special spice blends and am always in search of good cooking spoons.


Is there a BPAL GC bottle (or imps) you have been meaning to buy but haven't?  Especially in light of the Tournament of Underdogs?  What about TAL?

I actually updated my wishlist today! 


Are you interested in BPAL storage?  Imps or bottles?  Or small boxes or containers for other items?  

Small containers, especially that I can use for jewelry, would be great. I have a cabinet I use for BPAL.


Stuffies? Y/N If yes, preferences? 

Sure! Tentacle Kitty, Pusheen, and Squishables are all frequent purchases over here and always happy for new Kawai-style friends.   


Hand sanitizer minis? Other things from Bath and Body Works type places?

I just placed a BBW order, but definitely am in the market for decent smelling pocket size hand sanitizer these days. 


I received an extra (un-used, totally sealed) gorgeous pot of Bésame's Brightening Vanilla Rose Face Powder - is this something you'd be pleased to receive? https://besamecosmetics.com/blogs/blog/97500486-new-vanilla-rose-brightening-powder?_pos=6&_sid=37efb2159&_ss=r

This looks lovely, but I'm concerned that the rose scent would be a bit much for me. 

Also, I will be in Washington DC in a few days - anything you might like from there? (It doesn't have to be specific to being the Nation's Capital- DC has lots of great and interesting stuff going on!)

I live in the DC area and actually work for a major tourist attraction when it's open, so I can't really think of anything, although I would actually be tickled by something that looks up my alley that would be a sort of cheesy souvenir that a local would never buy themselves. 


Dearest Pumpkin, I harvested my own delicious Kentucky BlueMint back a few months and made a tincture with it, and it is now ready to pour! It can be used in drinks (like mojitos) and as a nice mint flavoring, but I use it medicinally, for tummy upset, digestion issues and other stuff. Would you like a bottle of your own?



Do you have a preference for treat order? Smallest to largest, peaks and zeniths, ramping up to a grande finale, etc? Or would you like to randomly pull whichever mystery package calls to your intuition on a given day? Would you like clues, so you can guess what's in each thing before you open it?

I have no strong preference. Personally, I usually try to build up to something super cool for Halloween and/or the last night, but I am fine with anything.


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