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BPAL Madness!

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In the bottle: lilacs! lilacs!

On the skin: lilacs are at the front, and there is something very plush and almost green smelling behind them, it conjures images of thick, crisp flower petals, like plumeria or jasmine. There is also something sweet and slightly warm in the background (likely the golden amber, BPAL amber usually disagrees with me but this is very nice). I don't know what wisteria smells like, so I can't really discern whether I'm smelling the lilac or the wisteria/tell them apart.

After some time: Warm sweet amber, and a soft musky floral. Very pretty.

I'm not usually super into lilac (I mostly got this because I think Taki from Maiden Rose would smell like wisteria and that was enough to get me to buy a decant haha...), but this might be one of my faves out of the shungas I tried! I'm pleasantly surprised. I bet that as the weather warms up this scent will really shine.

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Lilac with its scent of thick, honeyed sweetness, cool spring breezes, and purple floral flair.  The wisteria and white musk make the lilac fresher and more clean smelling, cutting through the heavy sweetness a bit.  After about a half hour, I can smell the amber (but no oakmoss, which makes me sad) and its a base of powdery, warm, perfumey, golden amber to the spring floral.  Very pretty, but I have a lot of lilac blends that I prefer to this one.

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