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BPAL Madness!

Black Cherry, Oakmoss, Red Amber, and Wild Tobacco

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Straight from the mailbox, no time for resting! :D

On first sniff, there's definitely a cherry note to this. Slightly medicinal, but not overwhelming.


Just a little dab on the back of each wrist, and there's definitely some lasting power, but not too much throw. The initial fruity sweetness quickly gives way to a substantial, but not heavy, gender neutral scent. I can pick out the oakmoss, but the amber and tobacco blend nicely. It's a drier tobacco, not a chewy one. It dries down to a sweet oakmoss with weight behind it, without being overwhelming. Not a cherry forward scent on me, but definitely a keeper!

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A big snuggly bear of a cherry scent. This is not cherry pipe tobacco, but a cozy oakmoss/tobacco situation that just happens to be in the same bottle with a dark, dark cherry. This is Winnie the Pooh drinking cherry juice at Kanga's house on a rather blustery day. It's a fuzzy blanket of tobacco that you are holding around your shoulders with cherry-purpled fingers. The initial cherry burst, alas, doesn't last long, but the part you want to bury your face in lasts longer and somehow retains just a hint of fruit.

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This starts off with a wonderful, bold black cherry, backed by the amber, tobacco, and oakmoss, but over time, the cherry gets overtaken by those notes, and it becomes a tobacco and amber-infused mossy scent by the end of the day. The tobacco in this is different than other tobaccos I have come across from the Lab. There was a point during wear where this went a little funky on me, but I'm not sure which note was the culprit (or if it was a combination of a few). It was a short-lived wonky phase, though.


I wondered if this would be in the same vein as Moon When the Cherries Turn Black. Well, I like that one a lot more. Even though both scents share cherry, tobacco, and amber notes, the tobacco and amber in that one are more up my alley than the tobacco and amber in this one, and there's no moss trying to take over on me in that scent.


If only that initial blast of cherry had lasted throughout wear. That was absolutely swoon-worthy.

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