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BPAL Madness!

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A warning not to go into this expecting it to be too similar to Morocco, as it doesn't really have much in common with that scent other than the name.  The pomegranate here is really soapy somehow, which I feel like I experienced with another pomegranate recently though I'm having trouble remembering exactly which one it was, possibly Personent Hodie?  Pomegranate is usually a note I enjoy quite a bit but this one isn't the normal juicy tart red fruity kind and feels much more like a heavily perfumed soap of some sort.  As it dries the sandalwood comes in a little bit more with a very light spice (though spices are generally pretty quiet on me).  It begins to feel a lot like The Return of Persephone from the June Lunacy, though there is a little hint of spice here that was not in that.  I think I was hoping for Pomegranate Grove Morocco, but this scent is not that.

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When this was new I mostly smelled pomegranate with a little bit of Morocco.  Now (about 3 months later I think?) it smells like Morocco with a soft pomegranate filter.  It's more of a golden, slightly spicy scent.  I'm not sure if it's going to stay this way, change again, or change back, but.. It's really beautiful, what a happy accident!  

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