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BPAL Madness!

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Oh man, I just knew Peach Absinthe and I were made for each other, and I was right.


In the bottle it smells like a super fancy cocktail. Not the sticky sweet kind, but the more grownup kind where people sit around taking small sips and debating which kind of bitters were used to craft it. (It's definitely peach bitters.)

Once on, the peach fades even more into the background, letting the absinthe shine. It's definitely herbal, with a distinct minty note, but without smelling even remotely like a candy cane. This is more like the mint in a mint julep, where it's fresh and very vegetal.

As it warms up, the peach becomes more apparent, balancing fresh, herbal and sweet perfectly together. Throw is light and discreet, even after a generous slather.

I was going to test more of the peaches today, but I don't want to smell like anything else.

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