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BPAL Madness!

Gingerbread, Spanish Moss, and Swamp Cedar

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I've been lamenting that I'm out of cozy cedar blends---I associate cedar strongly with the concept of "home"---and looking for a new one. This one sounded swampy, which is a different vibe, but I hoped the cedar might stand out.


Freshly applied, this perfume gives off green swamp. Spanish moss hangs everywhere in the mind's eye view of this scent. The cedar is a warm presence, though... rooting and grounding this wet, murky wood. 


In drydown, I find a little gingerbread mingling with the cedar. It's a lovely portion of the scent, and I think a Gingerbread and Smoky Cedar blend just became a wish for my future. But this for one, it's a little too swampy for what I'm usually drawn to.


Swampy moss, warmed with cedar and a little gingerbread.

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Gingerbread that has been dropped on mossy muddy dirt. Gingerbread on a picnic! Medium throw and wear length.

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