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BPAL Madness!

Teppo Hair Gloss

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The lemon peel stands out the most once this is freshly applied, followed by the mandarin. It has a lemon drop quality to it. After a few minutes, I can smell the amber in the background, but it is not nearly as strong as the citrus components. I get more amber on the paper towel I sprayed this on than in my hair, and it is there that I can tell that it's the same sparkling amber from Sweet Amber and Cherry Liqueur Hair Gloss and Alleviate the Frenzy. Once the lemon calms down, the mandarin reigns, but the lemon remains behind it. I applied this around 8 AM, and it's still going strong at 4 PM. I get more of the sparkling amber by this point, but it is still not stronger than the citrus notes.


I'm glad I got a chance to try Teppo, but there are several other citrus hair glosses that I'd reach for over this one. I prefer The Geisha and the Samurai because blood orange is sweeter than mandarin, and the amber in that one is creamier and more to my liking. I also prefer Fancy Free and Cabbage White Caterpillar in the lemon (and lemon sugar, in the case of Cabbage White Caterpillar) department. But if you don't already own several citrus-y hair glosses, this one is worth a try.



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Lemony, and a whiff of amber. This smells fresh and citrusy, and then warmer because of the amber. Very clean. After a while though, I can't smell it as much.

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