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Spectral Lovers Entertaining the King of Hell Home & Linen Spray

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A nice floral, with the faintest hit of spice from the black pepper. Sweet, delicate, reminds me of an expensive designer perfume. Loving the White Gardenia. She seems to carry the other notes.

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Beautiful.  Delicate, fresh white floral.  Without looking at the notes, I guessed lilac, gardenia, lily of the valley, something sweetly fruity, (I thought maybe tangerine) and something spicy.  So... not too bad with my guessing.  :smile: 


Lily of the valley tends to veer into nose-tickling soap territory for me, but the note behaves beautifully here.  In the air, this is all sweet, lush floral, but sprayed on my blankets, the pepper becomes a lot more prominent, and I do get a little more of the nose tickle I associate with lily of the valley.  Still, it's pleasant - fuzzy.  :)  I'm really liking the room sprays this year.

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