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BPAL Madness!

Black Cherry, Neroli & Grapefruit

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Juicy, tart-sweet grapefruit is by far the strongest note at first, but it does a great job of keeping the cherry grounded in fruit rather than in almond. The citrus is almost a little fizzy,selt of course not as fizzy as the Champagne and Maraschino Cherry, but it does remind me a little bit of a grapefruit seltzer. The drop of cherry juice is very subtle, and even more subtle is the neroli for the first few hours. It is definitely hiding in the shadow of grapefruit for a long long time.

Then, on drydown, a very beautiful neroli emerges that is classic heady orange blossom to my nose, very grounded and peaceful, equal parts sweet, citrus, and woody. Dapples of brightness from the fruits keep the neroli from becoming too heavy or serious. I really love this stage. I wish it was a different citrus at the beginning, because grapefruit and I really don't see eye to eye, but it's a beautiful blend wet to dry and it was in my top three of the Cherry Bombs.

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Fruit, fruit and, also, fruit!


Fresh, tart grapefruit sliced in half and sugared. This strongest note blends like a fruity gradient of orange lollipop (what neroli does on my skin) and dark cherry. The dark cherry is actually a bit of grounding in this loopy mix.


The blend grows a little fizzy on me after drydown. It becomes like a mild grapefruit-OJ champagne.


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This straight up smells like a cross between pickles and a jalepeno juice. I can't even smell the cherry. This has got to go. :sick:


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