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Am I really the first to review?? Frostbitten Lust is pretty dope. I layered Snow-Flakes with regular old Lust and it was okay, but I had a feeling FL would be better and it was! Also Frostbitten Lust is the most Black Metal name for a perfume I can think of, so there's that ("FROSTBITTEN LUUUUUUUUUUUSTTTTT!!!").


Anyway, this is really, REALLY good. It has the red musk and other Lust note softened around the edges with the snowy frostbitten note. It is reminiscent of how well Frostbitten Snake Oil and Frostbitten Bliss turned out. It's sexy, creamy, snowy, and musky, without the patchouli being too harsh and I don't detect a pine slush note, and this is fresh from the lab.


Nothing seems to top Pink Snowballs as a favorite snowy scent for me but this is WAY up there and yeah boi, this is gonna age well.


Overall VERY happy I sprang for a bottle and I'm considering a backup! :wub2: 


Edited: revisted this and while I love it, it is pretty strong, so I think one bottle will suffice and a backup is not needed.

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I had to look up the notes for Lust, because it's been a hot minute since I've tried it - red musk, patchouli, ylang ylang and myrrh


Wet: Mainly red musk and myrrh; I'm having a hard time picking out the "frostbitten" part of the scent.


Dry: Ah! Now I'm getting the frostbitten Snow White vibes here. This smells like Snow White with red musk added to it.  


I like it enough to hold on to my decant, but not bottle worthy.

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