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BPAL Madness!

Frostbitten La Lethe

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Slushy snow, and notes of orchid, tobacco, amber, and musk. I think the snow sort of softens La Lethe, and actually makes it more approachable - it has a very red berry tone to it for me. Good throw and wear length.

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Disclaimer: I did not rest this very long, two days to be exact, so I will come back with more details eventually. 


In the bottle, taking on a very menthol twist on Le Lethe


Wet on the skin: Holy mint! Most of the frostbitten versions don't read as mint on my skin, but this sure does. 


This is going in my aging spot for a few weeks. 

ETA: I waited 5 more days, opened it, sniffed, WOW. Whole different creature, and what I had hoped it would be... a slightly less intense Le Lethe. I almost can't believe it but I can, as I've heard time and again that you have to rest from the mail. I didn't listen, and almost swapped this away. What a fool! It's beautiful. I tried just a smidge on my arm before bed and it smelled like a mellower, softer version. I bet some more age is going to take this to a favorite. 

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resting from the mail (5 days)

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Le Lethe smells like honeyed, super sweet chewing tobacco and is actually too sweet for me, but Frostbitten Le Lethe is really lovely.  It's sweet, warm tobacco behind a veil of ice covered evergreens and I can smell the chill, the pine needles and the evergreen sap.  It has a sharp, crisp iciness to it, almost a little mentholic. In the drydown, I can pick out the resinous, amber-y labdanum as well, which I couldn't in the original Le Lethe.

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