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BPAL Madness!

Mince Pie & Bourbon Cream

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OK, in the bottle... ugh

In the bottle after resting... ugh

On skin.... ouuu hello what are you?! I get a blast of strong boozy fruit. This takes a while to calm. Finally i get a 'pie crust' type pastry smell. Slightly sweet, but not sugary sweet. 


This packs a punch, amps like mad, lasts ages on the skin. Only problem is that the cream note is over powered... i wish i could smell a trace of creamy bourbon, but nothing. Just fruit and booze. 


If you like those traditiinal Christmas puddings, this is for you. 

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Allspice, cinnamon, and other pie spices, boozy fruit, and creamy pudding with a touch of booze. All of the foodie cozy pie filling you would have ever wanted. Great throw and wear length.

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Mince Pie and Bourbon Cream is mostly about the fruity filling of a mince pie, accompanied by a splash of bourbon cream. There's definitely some raisins in here, and it smells very realistic, but again, it's more about the mince than the pie itself.


I wanted to try this to compare to Mincemeat Pie from last Yule, and I have to say, I prefer Mincemeat Pie with its apple cider crust note. The bourbon cream is nice, but I am missing the pastry.

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