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  1. Nagi Mahe

    Cafe au Lait & a Wool Blanket

    OMG... this is beautiful. This years coffee note, has been more like ground raw coffee beans.... but in this one, there is simply a hint of soft coffee. Then a warm snuggle! I have been huffing like a loon to work this scent out. I finally get what reminds me of an alcoholic vanilla custard cream dessert?! It's sweet, soft and comforting
  2. Nagi Mahe

    Mince Pie & Bourbon Cream

    OK, in the bottle... ugh In the bottle after resting... ugh On skin.... ouuu hello what are you?! I get a blast of strong boozy fruit. This takes a while to calm. Finally i get a 'pie crust' type pastry smell. Slightly sweet, but not sugary sweet. This packs a punch, amps like mad, lasts ages on the skin. Only problem is that the cream note is over powered... i wish i could smell a trace of creamy bourbon, but nothing. Just fruit and booze. If you like those traditiinal Christmas puddings, this is for you.
  3. Nagi Mahe

    Edible G-String

    Snap! Snap! Sugar crystals and tart candies with a splash of red musk. [DO NOT EAT] This is a candied cherry/strawberry sugary sweetness. Loud, strong, fruity and long wearing. Reminds me of the gummy smell in Lil's Motherhood. The musky redness only comes into play in the dry down. All in all playful and super fruity. Major throw. One bottle will go a long way.
  4. Nagi Mahe

    The Eye of a Vulture

    It is impossible to say how first the idea entered my brain; but once conceived, it haunted me day and night. Object there was none. Passion there was none. I loved the old man. He had never wronged me. He had never given me insult. For his gold I had no desire. I think it was his eye! yes, it was this! He had the eye of a vulture — a pale blue eye, with a film over it. Whenever it fell upon me, my blood ran cold; and so by degrees — very gradually — I made up my mind to take the life of the old man, and thus rid myself of the eye forever.

 Milky white fluid obfuscating a pale, lilac-blue iris. In the bottle this is all milk.Which frightened me as I often turn milky notes sour on my skin. Skin test: OK this is quite a fresh milky scent on my skin with a very faint 'purple tinge' I think the lavender keeps this from going sour. Minimal throw and minimal lasting power, however I like this fresh creamy scent
  5. Nagi Mahe

    Blood Squib

    [No additional description provided.] Rich cherry, cherry syrup and a touch of spice. There may ba a small trace of almond. Strong throw and lasting power. Quiet artificial smelling, but not bad.
  6. Nagi Mahe


    Oh yes yes yes. Just perfect, totally agree with the above. I amp honey, but this is well blended and the milk makes it very creamy. I can see this being popular!
  7. Nagi Mahe

    God's Own Country

    "Yes, it's still God's Own Country," said the announcer, a news reporter pronouncing the final tag line. "The only question is, which gods?" Circuit boards, cathode rays, and exhaust ramming against frankincense, myrrh, soil, and blood. This is the only scent in this range that I just can't get on with. I can smell the electrical parts... metallic and almost burnt out. I can also smell the incense and blood. But all these notes are turned to sludge with the soil note. It's not BPAL's usual fresh soil note, it is more a grey sludge. I had high hopes for this one, but all i get is cold grey dirt and sludge. And i'm sure i smell dirty menthol in there somewhere :/ it also unfortunately has sticking power too, it won't wash off! This one is not for me.
  8. Nagi Mahe

    The Blood Must Flow

    "It is only a gesture," he said, turning back to Shadow. "But gestures mean everything. The death of one dog symbolizes the death of all dogs. Nine men they gave to me, but they stood for all the men, all the blood, all the power. It just wasn't enough. One day, the blood stopped flowing. Belief without blood only takes us so far. The blood must flow." "I saw you die," said Shadow. "In the god business," said the figure-and now Shadow was certain it was Wednesday, nobody else had that rasp, that deep cynical joy in words, "it's not the death that matters. It's the opportunity for resurrection. And when the blood flows . . ." Three days on the tree, three days in the underworld, three days to find your way back: ash, oak, and elm; vetiver, dragon's blood resin, and cypress; frankincense, copal, and chamomile. This is a very well blended scent. Very hard to pick out notes from the bottle. It has a 'sweetish brown' smell. On the skin i get a mixture of woods and incense. Still on the sweeter side. Medium throw and lasts a fair amount of time. It is a very comfy smell.
  9. Nagi Mahe

    The Center

    “What is the word for it? The opposite of sacred?” “Profane,” said Shadow, without thinking. “No,” said Czernobog. “I mean, when a place is less sacred than any other place. Of negative sacredness. Places where they can build no temples. Places where people will not come, and will leave as soon as they can. Places where gods only walk if they are forced to.” “I don’t know,” said Shadow. “I don’t think there is a word for it.” “All of America has it, a little,” said Czernobog. “That is why we are not welcome here. But the center,” said Czernobog. “The center is worst. Is like a minefield. We all tread too carefully there to dare break the truce.” Peeling paint, faded wallpaper and threadbare carpets, flickering neon, candlewax, and a fading whiff of Jack Daniels. Strange scent... i get J.D., wood and plastic at first. I was hoping for a little candle wax in here. After an hour or so, i have started to smell like paint and gloss lol. A real morpher, but not unpleasant! Medium throw, longer lasting than most. The booze and paint notes are the most prominent.
  10. Nagi Mahe

    The Forgettable God

    He had stood beside the man as he got into the car, had opened and closed the door for him, and was unable to remember anything about him. He turned around in the driver’s seat and looked at him, carefully noting his face, his hair, his clothes, making certain he would know him if he met him again, and turned back to start the car, to find that the man had slipped from his mind. An impression of wealth was left behind, but nothing more. A faint impression of scent, a memory slipping like water through a sieve. This is like a sweet clean water. Very pretty, very fresh and light. After an hour or so... still like sweet water, but with a touch of fresh laundry or linen to it. Minimal throw but all in all very nice.
  11. Nagi Mahe

    Limited-Edition Action Figure

    [No additional description given.] Freshly opened new toy smell. Quite odd lol. Fresh with a drift of ozone.
  12. Nagi Mahe

    Single Note: Candy Bag Debris

    A small hint of chocolate, jelly beans, sticky lips and powdery fingers from left over candy cramming. Rather moreish!
  13. Nagi Mahe

    Single Note: Fake Specimen Jar

    [No additional description given.] Oh lime soda with a touch of lemon and a sprinkle of pop rocks. Green sugary syrup with a touch of fizz.
  14. Nagi Mahe

    Single Note: Cheesecloth Ghosts

    Oh cucumber! Plastic and old rags. Odd