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BPAL Madness!

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A study and memory aid with a built-in confidence booster. Attracts positive friendships, quiets the mind, helps cultivate a positive attitude and a passion for scholarship, and brings joy to the learning process.

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First one to review, first time I try that, bear with me. :)


I have searched for something like this for quite a while. I have high academic ambitions, but suffer from anxiety about it and lack of focus etc. I have quite succesfully used bpal conjura bag oils of Blockbuster and Wolf's Heart for dealing with this so far, as well as an ongoing academic spell jar made specifically for this semester. Today I tried using Succesful student by anointing the spell jar and my wrists (already had some Blockbuster on as well), while stating my intentions. I have let my spell jar burn with candles for my writing process today, which is what I often do, when I write at home. I have an exam deadline this evening and have had real big trouble getting through my blockages. This was just a quick "emergency" ritual, but I will use it in more detailed and well planned rituals and spells later on, like my academic spell jar for next semester and looking for jobs relevant for my studies and the like. It has really helped giving a boost to my normal study ritual, and I think it really helped clearing the mind of anxiety and lack of focus, while magnifying my great academic abilities to my advantage during the writing. So long so good! I will have to test it out more, but my study magick is generally quite effective, since it is about my dreams and hopes for my life, so my manifestation power and focus about it is quite strong, which I believe to help make this kind of oil work especially well for me (not saying it won't work as well for others, just saying that I think there is great communication between this oil and me, whereas some other oils, I have to get to know a little better before we hit it of). For scent real quick, it starts of as a lemony cleaning product, a bit artificial-ish, but bright and sour. It turn into a beautiful flowery sweet scent that last a long time - it reminds me a bit of Schröedinger's Cat, which is my all time fave perfume and this would be a fave perfume as well, was it not meant for intentional purposes. A quick disclaimer - house blends are not necessarily meant to be worn on the body, since they can contain skin irritants, but I took the chance on my wrists, and there is no irritation. Might not be the same for you, so be careful!


5/5 on both smell and work so far :)

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