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  1. Hades_Girlfriend

    Jazz Funeral

    This mostly smells like graveyard dirt and some kind of citrussy something on me. It starts out like heavily artificial smelling citrus toilet cleaner, mellows down to artificial citrus candy and becomes sweeter and sweeter (starts out very sour) until it is more like a sweet citrus cake or something like that. The does the same thing, has a strong dirt and kind of wet/fresh/cold touch to it in the beginning and mellows down a bit, putting the dirt smell more in the background. I kinda like it this way. I bought it, since I wanted to experiment with dirt scents, after trying out Snake Oil, that had a dirt note that unfortunately mellowed down, before it aged it all away and now does not smell like dirt at all (although it is still beautiful!), and Zombie, that have a stronger dirt note, but still not enough since I apparantly LOVE dirt! And I quite enjoy citrus as well! :) Jazz Funeral sounded both beautiful, complex and the most wearable for everyday life out of the cemetery/dirty scents, so went with that and the dirt note does NOT dissapoint! The citrus toilet cleaner stage is a bit meh, and I am sad not to get anything of the booze and flowers, but maybe it comes with more aging. It is kind of a cold citrus scent - if that makes scent - because the dirt note gives it a cold vibe, reminding me of stone, grey skies and the like. And the citrus is most of the time a bit like one of those hard candies for a soar throat, which again reminds me of cold weather - like not winter or even autumn, since autumn is kind of a warmer feeling to me, but right before winter turns spring (februare/march/sometimes april here in Denmark) or in the grey part between autumn and winter (like november/december). So winter, but with out the snow, and with the last of autumn or the spring soon to happen. :) I quite like this! It is not a totally cozy scent, might even be slightly depressing, since it is all has grey and coldness to it, it even has a lonely feeling to it, but I kinda like it still. I am not gonna wear it terrible often for everyday use, since citrus and dirt is not normally what I go for in an everyday perfume, and I am most often not in the mood for something that mostly reminds me of cold and lonely days, but I will wear it, when the occasion and mood calls for it! I bought it as an imp, and I will definetly keep on to it and use it. Unless it will age in a way, that brings out something else, I will probably not be buying a bottle, but maybe another imp, once I run out - but imps usually lasts me a long time, if they are not everyday faves. But I will have to experiment with other dirt scents to see, which one will become a fave! I am planning on trying to layer this with other stuff, that might make it a better scent mood wise for me, because I really like the dirt and the citrus as scents, so maybe I can make it a fave through layering?! I will give it 3,5 out of 5!
  2. Hades_Girlfriend

    Successful Student

    First one to review, first time I try that, bear with me. I have searched for something like this for quite a while. I have high academic ambitions, but suffer from anxiety about it and lack of focus etc. I have quite succesfully used bpal conjura bag oils of Blockbuster and Wolf's Heart for dealing with this so far, as well as an ongoing academic spell jar made specifically for this semester. Today I tried using Succesful student by anointing the spell jar and my wrists (already had some Blockbuster on as well), while stating my intentions. I have let my spell jar burn with candles for my writing process today, which is what I often do, when I write at home. I have an exam deadline this evening and have had real big trouble getting through my blockages. This was just a quick "emergency" ritual, but I will use it in more detailed and well planned rituals and spells later on, like my academic spell jar for next semester and looking for jobs relevant for my studies and the like. It has really helped giving a boost to my normal study ritual, and I think it really helped clearing the mind of anxiety and lack of focus, while magnifying my great academic abilities to my advantage during the writing. So long so good! I will have to test it out more, but my study magick is generally quite effective, since it is about my dreams and hopes for my life, so my manifestation power and focus about it is quite strong, which I believe to help make this kind of oil work especially well for me (not saying it won't work as well for others, just saying that I think there is great communication between this oil and me, whereas some other oils, I have to get to know a little better before we hit it of). For scent real quick, it starts of as a lemony cleaning product, a bit artificial-ish, but bright and sour. It turn into a beautiful flowery sweet scent that last a long time - it reminds me a bit of Schröedinger's Cat, which is my all time fave perfume and this would be a fave perfume as well, was it not meant for intentional purposes. A quick disclaimer - house blends are not necessarily meant to be worn on the body, since they can contain skin irritants, but I took the chance on my wrists, and there is no irritation. Might not be the same for you, so be careful! 5/5 on both smell and work so far
  3. Hades_Girlfriend

    The Knave of Hearts

    Got this as a frimp, yay lab! ❤️ I thought this would be quite a strong fruity/berry floral, with emphasis on the rose and didn't buy it, because that didn't stood out as much to me, as some of the other blends - but both in the imp and on me at first, this is something licorice-ish, coffee (maybe even those coffee and cream sweets?), something a bit salty and maybe even doughy and buttery. Maybe even some brown sugar or molasses or something caramelly, but not quite caramel? There is some kind of deep rich sweet tartyness to is as well, the blackcurrants probably. After a while, the roses start peeking through - not too overwhelmingly rose, but just a nice, red rose behind it all. The true licoricelike smell and also the coffeelike smell faints a bit at this point too, but it still has a slight note of it. The licorice comes back a bit at drydown and it is more licorice then, than anything else. This is darkly sweet, like a blackcurrant tart would be. Even sticky. And very strong and rich and deep. I kinda enjoy it, but it is also a bit much to me, I feel too sweet in a too sticky kinda way, but because the sweetness has a depth to it as well and is complemented very well by the tartyness, the coffee, the licorice, and the fattyness of the buttery/creamy notes, it is indeed very interesting. There is something gothic, or dark, about this kind of sweetness. It is a mix between a very summery, but also a very wintery scent to me. I don't think I will buy a bottle of this and I don't think I will wear it often - I normally like my sweet scents very "youthfull", where this is more "mature", and I like my dark scents not sweet at all, but this has both - and more. Which I like and am very intrigued about, but not sure how to wear. Maybe, I will find a way, I could see it becoming an unexpected fave with time somehow! But for now, it is 5/5 for uniqueness and intriguement, but 3/5 for wearability for me personally. EDIT! I will have to change my statement about this one. It is so strong and heavy and so much smelling like butter and bakery stuff, that I get physically ill from it after a while (and it just won't go away even after sleep and baths ... ), so it is at the most a 2 for me. It has even smelled up my whole perfume draw ... 🤣 It is still an intriguing scent, but it just gets to much in the end for me, since I don't enjoy the heavy foodiness aspect to it. But a great idea!
  4. Hades_Girlfriend


    This was a frimp from the lab, yay thanks! ❤️ The description sounds very interesting to me, but not much like a bandit. But what this smells like on me, is not much of the description and more like what I would think this kind of scent would really smell like. At first this is all very strong leather, maybe something salty, without being really salty - like salty skin maybe? My first thought was that it smells a lot like the room, where you keep stuff like leather briddles and saddles for horses. And maybe a bit greasy too, like when you clean this stuff with soap, greas and oil ... The greasy - and dirty - scents gets stronger and it starts smelling a bit like metal and rubber. Like my dads work when I was little. He was working with heavy metal cutting machinery and everything had that metally, greasy, dirty smell to it - his work clothes too. The leather is still there though. It ends up really embodieng the concept, smelling like a highwayman and his gun and leather. After a while, some white flowery crispyness comes in and mixes with the leather to make it a little spicy too. It still smells like rubber, grease and metal too. It does not smell anything like roses or cinnamon or the like sadly, which I would have loved! In the last stages, it becomes more wearable for me. At first, it is very MANLY - not wanting to gender this, but this smell so old school masculine, that I don't really know, what else to call it. I am trying out scents that puts me out of my comfort zone and this really does at first. But later on, it become more wearable, more highwayman with no gender, than just male highwayman-ish, if that makes sence. I am not sure, I will wear this for everyday use, I am not really sure how I really like it, but it does intrigue me a lot. It is the second frimp to try today, that smells like my childhoos (the other one - 51 - smelled like our laundry softner) and that was not a particularly happy time for me. This smells like my dad and my horse riding, which is both filled with ambivalent feelings, but I do not feel sad while wearing these scents though, maybe because I've put in the work and these scents happened to land at my doorstep, when I was ready for this nostalgia?
  5. Hades_Girlfriend


    Got this as a frimp, thanks lab ❤️ Have looked at the description a couple of times, thinking it sounded nice, but didn't get the area 51/alien reference until I got it in my last order - which made me very exited! Always wanting to smell like an alien here! To me, this smells like fresh laundry, after using a flowery fabric softner - or maybe just specificly the fabric softner in it self ... So more like childhood laundry, since I don't use that kind of stuff anymore. I don't know if this is the smell of aliens and state secrets to me, but maybe it is. I sure felt like an alien as a child, even though I was "wearing human disguise/clothes"-ish - and if one were an alien, who were wanting to disguise oneself, maybe a good housewife or so would be ideal?! I don't know! I like the scent, it is pretty and calm and nostalgic, but atm it is more like a 3,5-4/5, since it doesn't stand out to me that much and is not what I thought this scent would smell like. Maybe I will change my mind though. But I will definitely use the imp up, it is good for when you want to smell "just nice and fresh", with a more "normal" kind of scent.
  6. Hades_Girlfriend


    Got this as a frimp, thanks lab ❤️ Have been thinking about purchasing it, but not gotten around to it, since I was afraid it would be "to masculine" (don't want to use gender, but don't know what else to call it - cologny maybe?) or depressive in a way or something like this. But this is so beautiful. It is dark, calm, and instead of ancient (which is a way many bpals make me feel - in a good way!), this is outside time. It is not depressive and is totally androgynos. But it IS dark. In a very comforting kind of way. It reminds me a lot of Der Tod und Das Mädchen by Schubert (or what it is called ... ). The pine, juniper and musk mixes perfectly and it just kind of exists ... I really enjoy it and think it is very beautiful and unique! I will probably buy a big bottle of this someday and I can see this being a fave, since it really taps into a want and need for feeling more in tune with what this evokes.
  7. Hades_Girlfriend

    Calico Jack

    Got this a frimp in my last order. Yay for freebees, thanks lab! ❤️ I am so happy for this one. I really feel like a sexy shripwreck or something, while wearing this. It smells very oceanic, with something woodsy and a little sweet to it, but very fresh and crisp. I am normally not much for aquatic scents on me, although I like the idea, but often they smell fresh in a too strong or heavy way, even sometimes giving me a headache. But this is perfect! I did not expect to enjoy it THIS much! I am a person that can get quite stuck in "having to smell a certain way" either due to the narrative I see myself as part of, or what I hope for others to perceive me as. I have been quite stuck in looking like a forever 12 year old, while being a grown ass woman, and leaning somewhat into this role, because of things like daddy issues and the like ... And not being comfortable smelling too "mature and womanly" or even worse ... Like af dude! (not trying to gender scents here, this was just my scarred angsty feelings that is formed by the discurse that have been about these kind of things). But I have used scents to help me get out of this headspace and it finally seems to start working. I would very much enjoy smelling like this "manly mature not even human kind of shripwreck on a rainy stormy beach" anyday, not even caring about what others might think, being busy sniffing myself in this kind of scent (still not trying to gender og put ageappropriateness on stuff, just listing all my anxieties)! ❤️ Thanks bpal for helping me change my narrative!!! Not that there is anything wrong with being a forever 12 year old (or 12 year olds in general), with identyfing with gender specifics or anything the like. I just want for MYSELF to not be stuck in this headspace anymore - being able to choose by myself and true wants and feelings, if I want to smell like a "girly youth", "mature woman", "like a dude" or even "like a shripwreck" or something else non human and out of this world. Might buy this, or something else that makes me feel the same way, someday, but will have to experiment more with these kind of scents beforehand. But it is deffinetly 5/5!
  8. Hades_Girlfriend


    I have been debating purchasing an imp of this for a while, but havn't, but got this as a frimp in my last order! Yay, thanks lab! <3' In the bottle and at first on my skin, this smells like pumpkin chai latte or something like that, probably because of the nutmeg, but the peach comes through fast and gives it another dimension, with some spices underneath as to not becoming too too sweet either. But still quite chai-ish in the end. But I really like it. It is not a dark and gloomy autumnal scent, but very happy, comfy and glowing and really a good scent for both autumn and winter (and I wouldn't mind wearing it in spring and summer too, maybe layering it up with something that makes the peach stand out even more - thinking about Croquet or something like that)! I liked this from the moment I opened the bottle - sometimes some scents takes some getting used to, before they become faves, but this one is straight on awesome from the get go! I will probably get a bottle of this someday, it is really. I really adore it! I don't know if it's a top fave, but it deffinetly is a 5/5!
  9. Hades_Girlfriend

    Water of Notre Dame

    I will review for scent and purpose. This is a more sharp kind of crispy, greenish, herbal aquatic with a hint of soap and maybe something a little spicy - or maybe it is just the crispiness? It is not very fresh, for the kind of scent that is ish, it has something a bit more heavy - but not very heavy - to it. It reminds me of dark water flowing through canals or rivers a long with gothic architecture or the like and water lillies on top. Or the water in fountains and ponds or what you would call it, in heavy, kind of dark creepy gardens, also with many white flowers and still with water lillies on top. Cold fresh water and maybe some yellow fish or something ... Kind of alarming, maybe? But there is a calm to it.The scent is alright, but not a perfumy scent for me per se. I like the story and pictures it gives me, but I am not much into most aquatic perfumes, although I would wish I was, since I often like the concepts. For purpose, this does bring some calmness - I mostly use it, when I go to sleep. I have some other of the "mood" helping conjure bag oils and for anxiety and uneasyness I prefer Wolf's heart, since it really works and has some angst busting properties, because it brings some courage - it is a more active kind of oil. This and Aunt Caroline's Joy Mojo are more passive. Of the two, this brings more peace/calmness, where the other brings warmth and cosiness. This would probably not be able to tackle a full on anxiety attack or heavy angstiness, but it does bring calm and is good for winding down and sleep. I like it better each time I use it. I will probably not buy a full bottle of this, since I believe there to be other oils, that do kind of the same thing just as good or better, but which works better for me on scent, purpose or both. But I will use the imp up and maybe purchase another imp afterwards. And who knows, maybe I will grow to like it just enough to buy a bottle one day, since I really like the pictures it brings to mind.
  10. Hades_Girlfriend

    Aunt Caroline's Joy Mojo

    Reviewing this for both scent and purpose. I smells very sweet, but not in an overwhelming kind of way, and it has something more to it - both a depth in the sweetness and a note of some sort, that grounds it and is not that sweet. Can't really explain that note, but it is a weird kind of note, that was a bit offputting at first - not because it smells bad, but because it's a little "why are you here"-ish - but after getting used to is, it is quite fine. To me this smells bright, orange and yellow and white. Like non-artificial sugars and a lot of warmth. It reminds me of Wolf's Heart, but without the incense/resin part and therefore more "young"-ish. The smell is quite "there", but not necessarily in a bad way and it mellows down a bit, after some time. I like the smell quite a bit,. To me, what makes this a happy sent, is more the scent in itself, than the magickal properties. Which is fine - everyone needs a happy scent! :) Purpose wise it is a little more - not meh - but just okay. This was one of the first conjure bag oils I tried, and I really looked forward to this one. I have a lot of other mood-helpers from the conjure bag oils, and compared to those, this is in the middle. Others do, what I wanted this to do, quite a lot better - Has No Hana, Wolf's Heart and Blockbuster is the ones, that really WORKS wonders for me. But this one, a long with for example Waters of Notre Dame and Black Cat, has an effect, but it is just not heavy duty, not for me at least. But I will try all the ones, that doesn't work out (at all or just no big effect) in other ways a long the way. So all in all, this does work, it peps me up a little, I can see myself using it for the same purpose as Has No Hana or Wolf's heart (to tackle sadness, depressive thoughts and feelings, anxiety and the like), but just for milder things. But I do really like this for the scent, which will definetly make me reach for this once in a while - the scents gives a boost in and of itself, that even though it can't save me from my sometimes heavy feelings, still gives a bit of brightness. I'm not sure, I will buy a big bottle of this, at least it is not a high priority, but I might, when I get through all the other stuff, that I want more. I can at least see myself using up the imp and buying another imp when it is gone. :)
  11. Hades_Girlfriend

    Wolf's Heart

    I will review this for both scent and intended purpose. To me, this is mostly a more sweet dragons blood/incensy scent, very warm - like the sharp and firery sun light in fall and winter or like a fire place etc. Brown and fury. It is not very floral/jasminy. It is very androgynous on me. Just empovering in a comforting kind of way. Similar to Aunt Caroline's Joy Mojo, but more mature. It doesn't last super long, but the scent is quite strong in the beginning. This is scent wise one of my favourites of the conjure bag oils and I would wear it for scent alone. As for intentional use, I wear it both alone or layered with other conjure bag oils and together with Has No Hana and Blockbuster, this is for now one of my favourites for intentional use too. It calms down and comforts right away. I use it when feelings and thourghts related to anxiety start pouring in and I need comfort, whereas I use Has No Hana for more depressive tendencies and a pick me up. I also use this, when I need courage, often layered with something for luck and/or charisma and maybe Blockbusting. I have used it alone or with Blockbuster to blast trough creative/academic blocks, that mostly stems form anxiety. But Blockbuster is definetly the more "busting" of the two, where this one brings and underlying courage. I will probably end up buying a bigger bottle of this sometime, even if I should find something more effective purpose wise. The smell is so up my alley and the comfort this gives is still enough on most occasions.
  12. Hades_Girlfriend

    Has No Hanna

    I review both scent and for intended use. On me, this is in your face sharp, green and herbal at first. Almost unpleasant, but have learned to like the scent better, as I've gotten to know it better. There is also something bright, but not warm to it, and maybe a slight spicyness. Maybe some white florally stuff, or at least, what I personally feel white florals smell like. It calms down a little over time, and some sweetness comes forth. An herbal sweetness, it is. Over time this sweetness takes over and it is much the same kind of sweetness, that many of the conjure bag oils has to them after some time. This lasts a long time and a little goes a long way. Purpose wise, I'm not really sure, it has brought me a lot of luck yet, but it works wonders as a mood lifter; depressive thoughts and feelings are instantly gone or heavily improved upon, when putting this on and so far, it is one of the most effective of the conjure bag oils, for me personally. Far more effective, than any of the other mood enhancers, and this is becoming one of my go tos together with Blockbuster and Wolf's Heart. If I have not found something similar with a scent more to my liking or even more effective, I will gladly buy a big bottle of this one, when my imp runs out. I would not purchase for scent alone thought, but the effectiveness of this stuff makes up for the scent not being totally me.
  13. Hades_Girlfriend

    Block Buster

    I will review this for scent and magickal/intentional purpose. So this is my first review ... I am not the best at describing complex scents, so this is a good place for me to start, since this is basically cinnamon to and on me. It starts out like all aggressive, in your face cinnamon, like you just accidentally sniffed a bit to much of it in, when you smelled your kitchen ingredients. It mellows down over time. It is always a true cinnamon, not a cinnamon sugar or anything. But it does become sweeter and maybe a bit herbal in the end. The herbal stage is something most of the conjure bag oils have in common in verying degrees of ... herbalness ... But I like all the stages and at first, was not sure I was gonna enjoy something that straight up cinnamony on me as a perfume, but I really do. It is one of my faves both smell and purpose-wise from the conjure bag oils. As for intended purpose/magick stuff, this is truly all that I wanted it to be. I struggle with lack of focus, procrastination and anxiety, when I have to do almost anything. Even - and escpecially - things I WANT to do ... So I wanted to see how it would work with especially my academic studies. It works wonders. I use it with the intention to blow apart/remove my blockages, anxiety and the like and give me focus, stamina, motivation, excitement and so on and so forth. And it really does help A LOT! I am still a bit all over the place, because that is just how I function, but I can get sh*t done in the end and have better control over my work ethics. I am gonna try this for other block busting abilities for sure. I really love this! It is a 5+/5 and I probably will purchase a bottle some day, unless I end moving on to stronger block busters - but then maybe even then, just for the smell and to have something a tat more mild and controllable, than a full on block busting oil.