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BPAL Madness!

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Used to increase charisma, improve your self-image, and enhance your appreciation of the arts and the beauty of the world around you.

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So, I have not yet had this on for enough time to speak to the Magic’s properties- I am going to edit later today to update on that.


As for the scent, honestly this is super out of my wheelhouse normally but at the same time this may be my favorite of the lot. I have a hard time picking out notes but I am going to try. There is rose. Maybe pink. Extremely delicate, not overwhelming, blended well with the other flowers. Maybe some kind of lily, not the big white waxy ones. More like tiger lily. I think there might be a touch of jasmine? I am not positive, if it is there, it is the gentlest jasmine I have ever worn. And then laying over it all is some kind of honeyed blanket that makes it a sweet (not foody) scent. This does not appear to give me a headache. This does not overwhelm me. This is a distinct and not a shy blend, but it isn’t the wild loud extrovert either. A blend that is most comfortable in an intimate small group but really shines. This a floral for floral haters. For the record, all these florals normally amp on me like wild but that does not happen here.


I will say since putting it on, my anxiety- the tightness in my chest, has eased off a little. Not entirely but a little. Maybe it is the aroma and not the magical properties.

Edit in: I would say this may have increased my charisma. I had to do some emergency shopping and I was kind of a spark of light when talking to the workers I hope, as a difference from the crap they seem to be getting. 
Not sure I experienced much else, but I have been staying pretty calm in the face of crummy adversity.

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