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BPAL Madness!

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This scent is set against the backdrop of a winter sky. It is a perfume that seeks to harness the wit and raw potential of Hermes, the wisdom and power of Athena, and the authority and sovereignty of Zeus – tempered by Amalthea’s compassion and mercy, propelled by the self-discipline, willpower, and determination of the Chariot. 

Starry white vegetal musk and a cold winter wind blowing through olive blossom, sweet labdanum, fossilized amber resin, fir needle, fern, balm melissa, champaca, cypress, and white cedar.

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The starry white vegetal musk isn't the usual white musk note that you'd expect from the Lab, and it's the star here throughout wear. This is really well-blended, and it's difficult to pick the notes out, but I will say that the white vegetal musk and chilly (but not minty!) wind notes are the main players at first, with a bit of fir in the background. It's a bright scent, with the balm melissa adding a bright lemony aspect that is also very prominent throughout wear. Although I was worried about the champaca, it's actually pretty tame here, just contributing a bit of warmth in the background.


I was kind of hoping the fir, cypress, and white cedar notes would be more prominent, but it just arrived yesterday, so perhaps that will change with age. In any case, I do think it fits with the winter sky theme. It's not a love right now, but I am going to hold on to it for a bit to see how it ages.

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