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I feel a lot of pressure being the first to give my personal review!


As soon as you twist that top off of the bottle: It smells strooooong. At first I made the comparison to fruit punch flavored cough syrup, but I know that's not what people like to associate with something yummy. It's definitely sweet and candylicious though! I'm always drawn more to foody flavors anyhow, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed this will be a keeper.


Wet on my skin: Pure bubblegum. It's like I bathed myself in gumballs. I can barely catch a hint of the fruity scent but it's gumballs to the wall otherwise.


On the drydown: I'm actually picking up hints of cinnamon and dragons blood. It still has that sugary sweet back tone, I'm just smelling kind of like a Red Hot candy or a cinnamon bear instead of a bubblegum ball. It doesn't seem to have much throw, I asked the fiance if he could smell it sitting nearby and he could only catch a hint of sweetness from me.


About an hour later: It's barely recognizable at this point; still has the sweet gum smell, but it seems more incense-y than candy now. I was going to update a few hours later but to be honest I'm not even sure it will last that long.


It's unfortunate it doesn't last on my skin because it's definitely a scent I can dig. I'll most likely keep it to see how it ages, it feels more like a scent that I could wear in the summer on dewy skin, so I'll at least keep a hold of it to try next summer.

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Blue raspberry bubblegum. Not fruit punch. Blue raspberry. There's a whiff of something almost mentholic to it, and there's a bit of cinnamon and dragon's blood in the background, as if you had sat down on some cinnamon gum, and then picked it off. It does give an almost incense base to it. Medium throw and wear length.

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Definitely bubblegum, but this did not resemble fruit punch at all to me. I would say it was more like cotton candy with a little bit of a fruit note. There's a little bit of cinnamon present, which almost makes this resemble another bubblegum Lilith scent called Pop. It doesn't last for very long, a few hours at most. Sweet and fun otherwise!

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