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BPAL Madness!
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Ina Garten Davita

The Standing Stone at Pendle Hill Atmosphere Spray

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A sorrowful moon casts shadows through the boughs of an ancient oak.

Scattered fir needles sinking into pools of blood, human and inhuman.

Boot-crushed grass, salt air tinged with incense, and fire-ravaged cedar wood.

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Herbal, but more on the mint side. Salt air and a bit of wood. I don't pick up any incense or fire, which I'm happy about. This smells a lot more fresh and clean than the description lets you imagine. It reminds me of camping in a wood cabin in the summer, with some lightly salty and herbal spray available afterwards. The description is more grave than the actual spray. It's nice, we're happy to have it. It's definitely not feminine, either, definitely leans more unisex. If some dudes wanted something fresh for their place, this is a great alternative.

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