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BPAL Madness!
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Zombie Moon

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Homemade blood clot-and-cherry ice cream plopping onto moonlit sand.


Wet: Sweet cherries and ice cream! (Reminiscent of maraschino cherries.)


Dry: The cherries are still going strong (and still smell like maraschino to me), but the ice cream smells more.. melted? If you left ice cream with some cherries plopped on top out in the sun, I think it might smell like this.


I dig it! I'm not sure I'm getting any of the "moonlit sand" component, but as a foodie scent lover, this is great!

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So, this is extremely close to F@!K (okay or however that is spelled.) The Cherry note reads to me exactly the same (and I like it from the other scent too.) however instead of the fluffy meringue, there is a faint creaminess and then a sort of dry sand scent. It is faint and does not overwhelm the cherry but sort of serves as a backdrop. This is surprisingly pleasant.

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