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Earth Pig

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A new year’s blessing! Peony, China’s national flower, with bamboo for flexibility, plum blossom for perseverance, courage, and hope, tangerine for wealth, orange blossom and peel for happiness, pine resin for constancy, golden kumquat for prosperity, King mandarin for good fortune, cypress for longevity, sticky rice cakes for abundance and hopes for a rich, sweet life, and a splash of blazing red of dragon’s blood to help you scare away the rampaging Nian.


Okay, so I get orange and tangerine, and then notes of plum blossom and peopny, and something that smells like oudh and incense. This one is a weird citrusy oudh floral on me, and it smells like a heavy oriental fragrance. Good throw and wear length.

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In the bottle, I get mostly an oudh, one of an unpleasantly indolic nature in the neighborhood of Bestla and Nevertheless, She Persisted. I feared I was about to get burned by an undisclosed-note-in-a-blind-bottle again, and procrastinated this blend's testing.


When I apply Earth Pig, finally, I get a fair amount of this body-earthy oudh, but also a serene and pleasant orange, tangerine, and plum blossom mix. The oudh is thankfully not quite as fecal as it smelled in the bottle, though it has a somehow bodily nature.


In early drydown, the oudh calms considerably and then the blend becomes cheerful with orange, tangerine, mandarin, plum flower, peony, and something that smells like golden frankincense.


From that point on, the blend is very wearable and a relief.

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