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Honey, Balsam, Leather, and Bourbon Tobacco Hair Gloss

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[No additional description provided.]


This one’s beautiful!!  It’s honeyed soft leather (light brown in color), with a pinch of dry tobacco.  It’s like sniffing the inside of an old, empty wooden tobacco box.  Really lovely.

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oh gods i want to roll around in this. bathe in it. drown in it.


it's sticky, sultry, sweet, spicy. musky, in a cloying animal way. I used to sell imported perfume oils from an egyptian shop and we sold red musk that this reminds me of that. It's SO cloying and thick and animal. Almost..... adjacent? to musky animal urine. The kind that's very sweet that makes you worry that your cat has diabetes. But it's missing the foulness of urine. And rich depth notes that you get from good honey. More than just the sweetness. The parts that make honey honey and not just sugar syrup.


There's a dry spiciness that is the balsam. That came out more as the gloss and my hair dried, and the sweetness toned down. The soft notes of the leather and bourbon came out, a gentle muskiness but soft. Two steps from what amber usually is. Soft but not powdery. Grounded by the balsam. 


Spouse is going to let me put some on his beard.



we shall see if it smells as good on him.


ETA: on him it's sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good.


more spicy balsam. It doesn't do the sticky-sweet musk thing. more of the interesting notes like ellocentipede mentioned from a tobacco box. But amaaaaaaazing still.


bbl face buried in spouse.

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Honeyed leather and a whiff of tobacco. Honestly, I am enjoying this one more than I thought I would. But yes, honeyed leather. Smells rich and sort of deadly. Could be great on a strong woman, or man, to be honest. Just expect to be ridden hard by whoever it is once they're done with that book of theirs.

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