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A complex perfume inspired by Ritualcravt owner Missy Rhysing’s notable devotional garden filled with black flowering and black foliaged plants, rarities, and plants historically associated with the goddess Hekate. This oil is a nod to our first BPAL perfume Ritualcravt with a similar genderless, earthy, and addictive quality- but with a brighter, greener finish. Notes of plants sacred to Her include: honeyed patchouli root, tobacco absolute, saffron crocus, teakwood, and burnt cypress.

Again, this is a scent review from decanting.


Honeyed patch, tobacco, but definitely more greenery in this one. It's mainly a dark green scent on me with a very clear patch base, with tobacco mixed in.

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Hopes & Dreams: Honey patch tobacoo? I'm hoping for something almost heady and engulfingly dark. Le Lethe and Banshee Beat have a baby, maybe? I'm going to be honest I'm not familiar with the original blend, but I'm just so deadly hopeful. Unsure about the wood notes in it, as they tend to amp (or maybe I just dislike them on me).  


Sniff: Dirty sweet black patch.


Wet on Skin: Dry earthyness comes forward. Leather-esq tobacco and still that yummy patch. 


Drydown: A distinct woodyness makes itself at home. Followed by a slow unfurling of dark honey, until it seems like everything is settled.


Late:  It sort of wafts for my nose between a green earthy soil, and a heady honey-tobacco blend. I love it. It's deep and dark but soil-esq and feels sacred to me. It is patch/tobacco forward for me, both accented with a dark honey and late-summer crushed grass vibe. Reminds me of innocently sneaking off at Girls Camp into the woods at night in deep summer, with my crush, before I understood what crushes really were. ❤️


Verdict: Serious, whole, dark, earthy. It feels apt to be worn in ceremony in the garden. It feels distinctly Wiccan/Pagan and really digs into my soul. That was an unexpected side effect. I love this scent. It's grounding, calming, and absolute. I'm curious why I didn't try Ritualcravt itself now.

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