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A Prayer to St. Expedite

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This is a general, all-purpose perfume oil for St. Expedite, appropriate for use in dressing candles, rosaries, conjure bags, petitions, and other items of power.


Patchouli essential oil, vanilla bourbon absolute, ginger root essential oil, steam-distilled myrrh essential oil, Ceylon cinnamon essential oil, ground cinnamon, and cinnamon sticks, coconut oil, alkanet, pyrite, and red mica.


The initial charge for this oil was made on December 20, 2018 during the St. Expedite election window, and was subsequently charged every Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday through Epiphany, with boosts on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, and Epiphany. Offerings of poundcake, candies, chocolate coins, spring water, incense, fire, coffee, whiskey, and rum were made in supplication during the process under the auspices of both St. Expedite and the Virgin Mary.

NOTE: My initial reviews of this new batch of St Expedite oils will be based on two things, scent / wear and also energetic impressions. I will either update with magickal workings and outcomes here, later or I will post my reflections and findings in one of the TAL-specific groups.


In The Bottle: A root-y blast of ginger followed by a dribble of very delicate vanilla. (this, so far, does not appear to be the same rich, pound cake-y vanilla in St Expedite Fast Luck)


Wet On Skin: I'm still getting almost entirely ginger root. It's definitely a bit sweeter than my direct experience with pure, single finer root essential oil, and I assume that the patchouli and vanilla are responsible for the softening of edges here, though they're like backup singers here to strengthen only the voice of the lead- I would NOT say at this point that i can actually pull out either of those supporting notes; this is really a ginger scent, first and foremost.


Dry Down: The ginger has become sweeter still with drying. There's something that's incredibly cozy about this scent, but not in a soft sweater kind of way, but in the way that  one might see a family of hibernating furry animals in a winter forest, nesting in their soft earth, pine needles and leaves, noses buried in each other's fluffy tails.

This oil is a *comfort*. One that implies strength, a solid shoulder to cry on, a trusted ally that will fight FOR you while you take a much-needed rest. I could see utilizing this when my energies are flagging and I would also layer this with some of my own well--aged patchouli to bolster intentions of speedy delivery in regard to all monetary, bodily or otherwise earth-energy-centric matters. ❤️ 

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Very deeply watermelon red, fuchsia mica, and in general its the red color you associate with Catholic saints and their red candles. It smells like cake to me (mainly the vanilla and cinnamon). It's a very cozy and comforting scent. St. Expedite is not someone I have really done anything with, but it gives off a very clear impression.


I haven't used this to petition St. Expedite, but I have used it to thank him. I had an issue come up before the order arrived, made my first petition to St. Expedite, and the matter was resolved in a super easy peasy manner that I almost fell over. I anointed a beeswax candle with Prayers, and offered both chocolate and cake to St. Expedite as a thank you. The oil smells deliciously of cinnamon. 

St. Expedite came through for me, and it was great to have this oil to give thanks and appreciation for his help. Coincidentally, the oil was created on my birthday so it has super extra special meaning for me.

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