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Golden Blessings of St. Expedite

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This oil focuses on prosperity, money drawing, and the rapid acquisition of funds through the guidance and blessings of St. Expedite. It is a sweet, honeyed fast luck in money blend, and is suited for dressing ritual tools and as an offertory oil for the saint.


Fossilized amber oil (dry distillation of Oleum succini), honey absolute, CO2 extract of clementine, Pimenta racemosa essential oil (steam-distilled), wild-harvested red rose petals, white sandalwood chips, resin of Pinus succinfera, sunflower oil, coconut oil, pyrite, and golden mica.


The initial charge for this oil was made on during the primary St. Expedite election on December 20th, 2018, and it was subsequently charged every Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday through Epiphany, with boosts on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, and Epiphany. Offerings of poundcake, candies, chocolate coins, spring water, incense, fire, coffee, whiskey, and rum were made in supplication during the process under the auspices of both St. Expedite and the Virgin Mary.

NOTE: My initial reviews of this new batch of St Expedite oils will be based on two things, scent / wear and also energetic impressions. I will either update with magickal workings and outcomes here, later or I will post my reflections and findings in one of the TAL-specific groups.

In The Bottle: So, first of all, the mica is both far brighter and "chunkier" than the other two oils from this release, which makes sense to me. There's something very reassuring and cheerful about the display, like the liquid is letting you know instantly that you can have confidence it's going to help you with your money issues. I'm getting amber and some pine resin immediately, with a bit of the citrus 
Clementine bringing up the rear. I generally do NOT like evergreens in my fragrances, period, but this is so well-blended that it doesn't give me a "floor cleaner" vibe most others do, but rather, being in a lush, wintery forest laden with goodies hidden in or glistening on the surface of, snow.

Wet On Skin: A tiny bit of the bright gold mica came out, leaving just a cute trace on my wrist and I am completely delighted by it! The amber comes out more strongly as the oil warms on my skin, which I welcome, since real, fossilized tree resin is one of my all-time favorites, both to wear and to keep on my altar. So all the amber boxes are getting checked right here!

Dry Down: Fully dry, this scent is almost entirely amber now, but with an edge of that myrtle cutting through the sweetness. If you wanted to punch up the earthy-abundance-energy hit, I'd probably toss a little bit of oakmoss into the mix, or a minuscule dab of patch, but this cheery abundance-draw blend is great all on its own for sure. Love! ❤️ 

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This is one hell of a golden oil - optically and as a scent. It's deep golden, with the little golden mica pieces floating about, and smells like amber, honey, and resin.


To me this is definitely a 'money' blend. It has alot of the same feel as some of the other prosperity blends, but definitely catching some Jupiterian oomph from this. 


Out of the 3 St. Expedite blends, this one is the one that I felt the most comfortable with.

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