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BPAL Madness!

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H Weir
White sandalwood, black pepper, muguet, agarwood, labdanum, and 3-year aged patchouli.

I can see why the notes make this a daunting scent to try. Because none of them seem very accessible. I get mainly agarwood, patchouli with labdanum, and a whiff of pepper. It's actually a more accessible blend that the notes suggest. Fair bit of wood and patchouli, with a whiff of other ingredients to keep it from being one-dimensional. I think you get a whisp of muguet that sort gives a bit of lightness before the rest of the ingredients come to the fore.

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Tried this goat because zhe sounded from the notes roster like a previous Weenie I enjoyed (Witchcraft Scene) but in honest disclosure,  I didn't compare the notes nor did I view again before "blind testing. "  


Patchouli is the note that stands out as familiar but it doesn't rule this roost, it's probably the only one that I can recognize without a list of notes.  This is delightfully green, evocative of the inspired art,  and artfully balanced.  I'm in love with it and need a bottle.  I'm always looking for green, plant like scent but I have quite a few forest and grass inspired ones; this is different, happily. 


It's honestly too seamless or perhaps my nose is still amateur,  but nothing stands out except the Patchouli which is woody not dirty and quite smooth with a hint of zing from the pepper,  which is reminiscent of ivy.  The oudh is mellow and not animalistic or fecal. I'm really okay with those type of scents (must be that unconscious attraction,  blame my moon in Taurus) but this is different.  I thought the sandalwood would be dry but it's kept in check by the more juicy resins. Agree with zeezee, there's a suggestion of Lily but this plant party is more shrubland than meadow with flowers or woods.  Think steppes bordering the foothills of a drier mountain area and that's what this reminds me of.  Natural habitat for goats really!


Don't let the notes intimidate,  this is a unisex win.  The sillage is more intimate than I prefer but the decant is new and only rested a couple of days after it's voyage.  Also, I was light on the application. 

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In the vial I get a woody dark scent.


On my skin I mainly smell dark smokey vertiver!?!? 🤔 There's no vertiver mentioned in the notes, but still.

While wet the woods linger a bit, but apon drydown it's all smoky vertiver.

It reminds me of Steele Phoenix from last year's Anniversaries. That's the main reason I'm not upgrading to a full bottle.


I like such dark scents, very appropriate for these dark and foggy winter days...

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