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BPAL Madness!

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Mrs. Cutler, at 140 W. 27th St., lets her rooms to enterprising young ladies.

Honeyed oudh, bourbon vanilla, cinnamon, and leather.

Usually oudh can be counted on to lend a note of lovely sweet sophistication on me, but this time, it just came across like dirty socks on me. Usually I amp leather and have to be very careful, so I was surprised that none stayed on my skin at all! Instead it was just this dirty laundry vibe. Maybe my skin chemistry is off or changing, because I was quite sure this one was going to be a take-home-for-sure scent for me. :evil:

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My fairy package arrived today!!!


to my nose this is all oudh...

i was REALLY hoping for more of the leather and vanilla but I only get the faintest whiff of leather, and only if I inhale deeply very close to my skin... and pretty much zero vanilla or cinnamon (and zero cinnamon style BURN on application, too... so the cinnamon sensitive needn't worry overly much)


that said... it's lovely...

sophisticated and elegant... (possibly a little too much for me LOL)

but not terribly FEMININE in that overly floral way...

in fact, I think it smells more like a typical MEN's scent without actually BEING masculine... which is a beautiful interpretation of an enterprising young lady.


not 100% sure this will get enough wear to necessitate both of the bottles I bought... but it is lovely and I'm so glad I have it.

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in the bottle it's a sharp oudh with maybe some bourbon vanilla. No leather. No cinnamon :(


My skin eats this up almost completely. The little bit I smell before it disappears (and I REALLY have to sniff quickly and just right) smells good...I think.


Talk about disappointing. :(

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Oudh and feminine leather with a touch of vanilla. I get a distinctly sueded brown leather note on this. Medium throw and wear length.

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