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BPAL Madness!

A Deadly Terror That Had Seized Upon All

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It was then, however, that the Prince Prospero, maddening with rage and the shame of his own momentary cowardice, rushed hurriedly through the six chambers, while none followed him on account of a deadly terror that had seized upon all.

He bore aloft a drawn dagger, and had approached, in rapid impetuosity, to within three or four feet of the retreating figure, when the latter, having attained the extremity of the velvet apartment, turned suddenly and confronted his pursuer. There was a sharp cry –and the dagger dropped gleaming upon the sable carpet, upon which, instantly afterwards, fell prostrate in death the Prince Prospero. Then, summoning the wild courage of despair, a throng of the revellers at once threw themselves into the black apartment, and, seizing the mummer, whose tall figure stood erect and motionless within the shadow of the ebony clock, gasped in unutterable horror at finding the grave-cerements and corpse-like mask which they handled with so violent a rudeness, untenanted by any tangible form.

The wild courage of despair: a screech of blood orange and a splash of blood entangled in a corpse-mask of tattered white sandalwood stained with balsam and a grime-crusted winding sheet.

Blood, sandalwood, linen. This is mainly a blood/sandalwood blend. Medium throw and wear length.

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I got this based on someone else’s excitement about the orange. It’s very pretty. Orange sandalwood. It’s pretty simplistic, but yet still grownup. Only problem, it lasts about an hour on my skin. I’ll try layering it, and see what happens. 

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I blind-bought this one and never wore it, fast forward to today when I picked it at random, forgetting the notes.  I smelled the blood orange in the bottle, but on the skin it immediately reminded me of a root beer float!  Glad I kept this one around, as it dries down the orange comes back and a vanilla-sandalwood keeps it from being too citrusy.  I love this and think it’s perfect in this June weather!  It’s aged beautifully.

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