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Engraving by G. van der Gucht after J. Wootton

Bay rum, hay, dried alfalfa, aftershave, and cork stalk.


In the bottle: oh! Did The Great Sword of War and Antikythera Mechanism have a spicy baby?


On my skin: The first few minutes of this were glorious. That aftershave note really brought out the best of the feelings of Old Spice and the bay rum brought some warmth. However, as it dried down something added an ammonia scent and as it dried down it only got stronger. Boo.

On someone else in my house: Warm aftershave with a slightly dry woodsy feel. It was described as "1930s sexy masculine scent" when dried down by the wearer. Definitely has a classic men's scent feel with some added woodsiness.


Not a win for my picky skin but my testing partner got a win here.

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Bay rum, hay, and a touch of aftershave. This one is definitely for the boys. 

But GUH, the bay rum is so good in this. And I love the sweetness that the hay brings to the blend. 

I'm giving this to mr. zee_zee

But um, yes, if you like bay rum or are looking for a manly cologne type, give this a whirl. It's so very very good.

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