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BPAL Madness!

The Serpentine Atmosphere Spray

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Photographs, videos they dont do justice to the love that I feel for my girl. The quiet of this moment was special. We werent speaking; it was just a dad and his daughter together, enjoying the fleeting time of youth, and all was right in the world. I hope she remembers these special times when she looks back on her childhood. I know that I will never forget them.

Dorian, Liliths lavender, snowdrops, and soft vanilla.

This? Is ridiculously beautiful.
One spray is all it takes to transport a room out of ordinary to Victorian Garden Tea House Dreamland.


I unfortunately missed this scent when it came round the first time in its perfume form, for which I am now roundly kicking myself. But it was 2016, a heady time, and although I was already lost a decade in to my love affair with the Lab, Dorian was a fragrance that had somehow escaped me. But here we are, better late than never, and now I get to have a whole bottle of Dorian and lavender and vanilla and snowdrops with which to scent rooms and, more importantly, bed sheets. And I WILL! Oh, yes, I certainly will. This scent is soft and lovely and comforting, no notes overpowering over any others, all working toward the greater good, the good being to make the world smell better and the great being that Puddin created something so lovely to do that with. I will treasure it always! :wub: :wub: :wub:

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Serpentine is one of my favourite perfume oils and especially one of my favourite bed time scents. So I got this (and the bath oil) to help sustain my supply. It is as excellent as the original. It's a little more creamy (in the vanilla) than my perfume oil but as I said on the bath oil review it's probably the aging. It's still etheral and lovely and utterly perfect. I wish it could stay forever! :wub2:

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Love this! I'm a late convert to the Serpentine - I'm a huge Dorian fan but lavender is hit or miss (can't stand TKO). I tried the Serpentine HG recently, adored it & was delighted to manage to track down some of this spray. After the first blast of lavender & fougere, the most fabulous musky vanilla comes out & lingers nicely. I suspect my kids & dh are getting a little tired of how much I use this but too bad! :D

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