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  1. Wraithwood

    The Serpentine Atmosphere Spray

    Serpentine is one of my favourite perfume oils and especially one of my favourite bed time scents. So I got this (and the bath oil) to help sustain my supply. It is as excellent as the original. It's a little more creamy (in the vanilla) than my perfume oil but as I said on the bath oil review it's probably the aging. It's still etheral and lovely and utterly perfect. I wish it could stay forever!
  2. Wraithwood

    The Serpentine Bath Oil

    Photographs, videos… they don’t do justice to the love that I feel for my girl. The quiet of this moment was special. We weren’t speaking; it was just a dad and his daughter together, enjoying the fleeting time of youth, and all was right in the world. I hope she remembers these special times when she looks back on her childhood. I know that I will never forget them. Dorian, Lilith’s lavender, snowdrops, and soft vanilla. Serpentine perfume oil is one of my favourite BPAL's (or BPTP's) of all time, so I was super excited to see that it would be released in a bath oil as the Lunacy. I've had a few bath oils before now and have taken to using them as in shower moisturiser being not much of a bath person. Bath oil (excluding smell) wise it is exactly what I've come to expect from the the trading post. Moisturising, doesn't end up greasy when I get out of the shower, leaves my skin feeling far better than when it started. As far as scent goes this is amazing! I find that it's got a little more vanilla to it than my bottle of Serpentine (though this might be the age difference). It is by far my favourite bath oil I've had from the trading post and I hope it'll be making a reappearance again on the site after it goes down on the lunancy. It's the perfect bedtime bathoil.
  3. Wraithwood

    Snowflakes are Delicious

    Fresh from the mail box (that it appears customs opened). In the bottle: Minty (maybe spearmint?) soft snow. There is something underneath it that is softening the snow note but what I can’t tell. Wet on skin: Still minty soft snow, though if you sniff hard there is an underlayer of creamy coconut. Dry on skin: The mint really mellows out and I think my skin eats most of the fragrance away. The creaminess comes through at this point but it is very faint. Overall: This wasn’t what I was expecting at all as I was hoping for another scent to go in my sleep scents box due to me being a lavender fiend, but I can’t really smell the lavender at all (this may be the snow/mint note). There was no rose at all on me which I was really worried about as I tend to amp it like crazy. I will give the bottle some time to rest and see if that makes any difference. Should be a good winter day time scent for me though.