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BPAL Madness!

Antiseptic... Sanguinem Menstruum

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Yeah, I know I am weird. :rolleyes:


I LOVE the headshoppy scent that is Sanguinem Menstruum. I know it sounds strange but it has almost an antiseptic scent to it that reminds me of walking into a tattoo studio. (I did say I am weird right?).


I dont know how or what gives it this scent, but I do know the honey or beeswax ruins it for me. I kinda like it but its a little intense.


Are there any other scents out there that I may enjoy that have that antiseptic-y type headahoppy scent (such good descriptive words by me) without the honey/beeswax?


I do have a lot of red musks but none give off that scent...

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I wonder if it's the blood musk that is giving you that effect. (I've never really been in a tattoo parlor... I know, I know.) Blood musk tends to work better on me than red musk pure and simple.


Have you tried Ezekiel 16:19 from the new Deliver Them scents? Blood musk and ashes. It's really unique, different from any other BPAL I have, and definitely no beeswax sweetening things up. Plus it's a great cause.

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Sure have and I have a couple of bottles! No antiseptic type scent though. Just red musk all the way with a hint of ashes.

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