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BPAL Madness!

The Emperor’s Scepter

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Formed into the crux ansata, symbolizing his absolute power over life and death: golden myrrh, calamus, iris root, and cardamom.

Wet: the myrrh goes to baby powder on me immediately, darn it. That's unusual for my body chemistry, and doesn't bode well.


Dry: yep, baby powder. I get a bit of spice and floral if I stick my nose right against it, but the throw is all baby powder.


Decent throw, but it only lasts a couple of hours.


This would probably be beautiful on someone else's skin, but it's not for me.

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Soft powdery iris, myrrh and a touch of floral calamus. Soft, resinous, powdery. Gender neutral. Medium throw and wear length.

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Omg i am in love with this. I randomly choose my perfumes in the morning and i happened to pick this up twice, which lead to the realization that i accidentally picked this up from two different decant circles during it's release and also that it was obviously meant to be worn (this having happened yesterday). So based on the note list i was expecting an overwhelming powderiness and this is basically true, but in a totally fabulous, rich, golden way. In the decant the myrrh is p strong, and both in the imp and right freshly on there is almost a cocoa-y tone to it. Very sweet and warm. I assume that's the myrrh and the cardamom combining. I love cardamom so i was hoping it would be a strong player over the others but it's very understated. If i had to compare it i would use cave of treasures, where it's more noticeable on the skin but in the sillage it blends pleasantly. Except in this it blends even better and i would think is probably in a lesser amount cause it is definitely not standing out to me. The myrrh stays pretty dominant and sweet at first and then the powderiness emerges in a very comforting way. This is definitely golden and powdery in the throw, although not in a hard metallic way that is reminiscent of a scepter. Up close on the skin as it dries more there is the vaguest hint of green reediness which i think is the calamus coming through. That stays very distant but gives the scent a pleasant almost clean feeling. I'm so glad i have the 2 decants of this although i foresee myself using them up fairly quickly. I'm contemplating leaving one to age for a good loooong time before trying it again just to see what happens.

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