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Neptune Planetary Amulet Conjure Bag

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This is my latest Conjure Bag. It feels like floating on your back, swimming while gazing up, because if you look around you, all you can see is water. One side effect for me is that whenever I sleep with this bag under the pillow I have some pretty deep sleep. It's a very 'deep' sort of feeling: watery and unfathomable.

I picked up this bag because aside from the dream side of things, Neptune is also associated with idealism and compassion, and both of which at this time and living in DC, I feel a need for.

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This bag is a dark blue color, plain and without decoration, and it has a grassy/dried grass smell to it.


I've been told that the placement of Neptune in my natal chart is very problematic, and tends to make me dreamier/less grounded than is perfectly healthy.


Since working with Neptune, I've felt more grounded, and better able to strategize and plan. My daydreams are more productive, if that makes any sense. I've also noticed better quality sleep and more peaceful dream plots. I'm prone to nightmares and anxious dreams, so that is a nice benefit.

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