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BPAL Madness!

The Silver Parlor Hair Gloss

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A flute of topaz-gold wine, a pop of champagne, a waterfall of slouching wisteria, and a cluster of pale white lilies.

Origin: Bought from C2E2 through a lovely fairy

Initial Thoughts: There is not enough wisteria in BPAL products. No deal-breaking notes. Had to try it.

In the Bottle: Very sweet, heady florals. All the wisteria and some of the lily.

On Wet Hair: I get more of the champagne and lily, cutting out some of the overwhelming sweet of the wisteria.

After Blowdrying: I think the wine emerges - there's less "fizz" to the scent - but the florals remain in effect.

Verdict: I'm glad I have this. I was hoping for lots of wisteria and I got it. A good spring and summer scent, though perhaps a little too present for work.

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I wish this worked better on me than it does; I can barely give a good review, because my hair just eats it, which has never happened with a hair gloss on me before. Initially, I mostly get the sharp florals of the lily and wisteria, with maybe a hint of something behind? Then by the time my hair dries, it's gone. Alas, I'll have to pass this to someone who can appreciate it.

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Wisteria, lilies and a pop of champagne. It's mainly a light wisteria floral with enough lilies and champagne to make it a little fizzy and floral, and more than just all wisteria, all the time. Very light.

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