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BPAL Madness!

White Rose Hair Gloss

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White rose buds, with vanilla tea, benzoin, orris, coconut meat, and frankincense.

I've long been a big fan of White Rose the perfume oil, so was delighted to snag a bottle of White Rose hair gloss. The scent is very true to the perfume oil on me, with orris, frankincense, and benzoin grounding the sweet scent of white roses. The vanilla tea and coconut meat notes are the most subtle to me, although I can pick up on them both. Overall, this plays out like an incense-y, orris-y white rose. The orris is truly great here, one of my favorite applications of that note. So glad to be able to spray this in my hair!

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I'm a sucker for BPAL roses so I was super excited to score a bottle of this.


The heart of this scent isn't the rose, rather it's a rose-kissed blend. White rose has always been a muted member of the rose family to my nose and it's that way here - letting you know it's there but in an underscored way.


The main part of the scent is a gentle coconutty sweetness, which I assume is the vanilla tea, benzoin, orris, and coconut. I can't really pick out the frankincense. It's a little sweeter and less dry than an incense blend to my nose, but really powdery and lovely. Moderate throw.


I'm happy to add this to my hair gloss collection.

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White roses, sweet coconut, with a touch of orris. It's sweet coconutty white roses. Good throw and wear length.

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