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BPAL Madness!

Seven Word Story: Pride

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The subject of our latest #BPAL7wordstory contest was Pride. The winning entry was submitted by Cam Collins:

The alligator selfie was a bad idea

A swampy blend of Spanish moss, green tea, green oakmoss, celery seed, cucumber, and murky black patchouli.

I really love this. Very green, very black. Simultaneously bright/fresh, dark/dank. Perfectly liminal, it captures the scene that is the story. I can smell the precise moment when that exhuberant, innocent, determination and foolish pride change to surprise, realization of error, fear, and regret.


This is a malevolent alligator! What were you thinking?! On me, the bright/fresh greens quickly fade, leaving primarily the mosses and black patch, but ever-so-often a whiff of the brightness bobs to the surface. I am so going to enjoy telling people about this ascent when they ask what I'm wearing!

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Giant hint of cucumber on wet, and then I get aquatic moss, green tea and a touch of patchouli. This is a very dark green aquatic on me. Murky swamp, dark greens, a glittering fathomless eye that just stares at you. Low throw and wear length.

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I smell the airy/earthy Spanish moss when it's first applied. After that I get the patchouli. It's a sweet-ish patch on me.


My main impression is black, glossy polished wood. While the green tea doesn't exactly smell like lemon polish it's close enough to be a less-offensive version of it.

I do get a bit of green vegetable-ness overlaying the dark wood. This scent is weirdly formal to me. I could see it as a painted representation of a swamp, all black waters with a little bright green duckweed and a few sprays of gray moss hanging.

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7 Word Story: Pride


In the bottle: Kiiiiiinda smells like Drakaar Noir. Don't you judge, you loved someone in 9th grade who wore it, and don't deny it! Can sorta smell the cucumber. Definitely smell the mosses, and smell murky black, but not necessarily patchouli. No carrot seed, but I'm hoping my skin's tendency to amp it will bring it out.


Wet: Dusty oakmoss immediately. Carrot seed already! Woohoo! I'm getting something woody, but it doesn't smell like patchouli. More like cedar, is that possible if it's not listed? I've seen that they don't always list all the notes. No cucumber. Are there any 'Fumes that are heavy cucumber? I've been searching for one. Carrot seed, carrot seed, carrot seed. I love it. That woody note ain't patchouli, unless black patchouli smells like sandalwood or cedar. I'm guessing sandalwood, cause it's vaguely reminiscent of the sandalwood in Anathema Device.


Dry down: Greens are coming forward a bit more now. Muggy green mosses. Water-logged, but not watery. Could definitely be considered slightly masculine.


Dry: I like it! I don't usually go for woody blends, but I loooooooove carrot seed and oakmoss. Vaguely sudsy. I just keep getting distracted by that gorgeous carrot seed.

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