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BPAL Madness!

Mummies of Mexico City Hair Gloss

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Mummies of Mexico City contains notes of church incense, ornate gold, old lace, and dust. A sacred, secret scent, recalling residual whispers of incense settling into the ancient, forgotten dust.

This hair gloss is *glorious*. MoMC smells like incense but completely smooth. It's all soft, slightly sweet resins, exactly like the perfume version. To compare it to another BPAL perfume, it's akin to All Souls but without the offertory cakes and smoother.


The hair gloss has good throw and I'm getting whiffs of it throughout the day, though it's not overwhelming. It's pretty much the perfect strength.


Can I say "perfect" any more in this review? Because, for a resiny hair gloss, it pretty much is.

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I got a decant of this, as I couldn't get a tester of the perfume, and just wanted to see what the fuss is about. I sprayed several squirts in my hair, and I'm getting dusty, sweet incense. I'm really loving the scent and wish to track some perfume down, which will be next to impossible. :(

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Beautiful. Spicy frankincense, but make it dusty and faintly sweet. Quiet, sacred, somber. Spot on to the description and name. I'm transported to the warm, dusty crypts with every whiff. This is exactly the type of resin scent I love.

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